Oh I know it's crap

Do you constantly find yourself watching crappy movies, and like it? That's been happening lately with me, even tho I know they suck. I've had a pretty nutso mix of movies, and feel the need to watch em. No I don't constantly watch TBS. The most recent one is Queen of the Damned, and another recent one is Ski School or some crap like that. In QotD they had Aaliyah (R.I.P.) Walking all crazy and the main character has Jonathan's voice (Korn) when he sang. It was horrible, yet I can't get the Lestat calling out of my head. The music was ok, but that's just because I liked Korn back in the day. The effects were run of the mill. One effect that came out wack, was when the Queen came out of the bar after flaming the vamps up. It was a cheesy overlay fire effect that looked all off, and cheap.

Now the Ski one, boy this sucked! It was about a group of guys competing in some ski contest, which is why I think I got the name wrong. This is a pure 90's movie, cheesy music montages, the fat guy, the crazy guy that can't control his habits, the jealous popular guy, girls, beer, and snow (not that kind). Did the story matter? Who cares, it was that bad. Obviously the reckless ones had a party, and they won over the clean cut popular guy, end story.

This is what happens when your supposed to be working at night, but grab the remote instead. Soo awful, yet soo good. What movie will be next? By the way I was going to put in Teen Wolf, but I refuse to call it a bad movie!