Long time, some no see

It's been a while that I've written anything here, been traveling (tired like hell) and whatnot so its all good. But I'm back and WGM is going to be making some cool announcements soon, and not just about When Giants Meet. Today I'd like to talk about the physical hardships of the agricultural scientist... nah, lets talk about Unappreciative-ness if that's a real word. Yeah that's right, many go unnoticed and deserve their time in the spotlight but since it's a who you know thing... well you know how that goes. I have come across some talented people (Not going to gas you up people, so no names!) and it's pretty sad that many don't give them the chance they need. The 'Who you know' is really familiar ground when it comes to Design, music, fashion, and art. Usually the people that are up there and considered somebodies (to their mommas at least), have this snobby or brush off attitude when the small guy comes up and comments or asks for opinions. Happens to most people in creative fields (Even the Giant!), and many get lost in the sea of me-too's. There are soo many copy cats and people digging their ideas that when a new fresh approach comes out, it goes totally ignored... sad really. Just wanted to leave you guys/girls with this... If you see something new or different give it a chance, it might be the best thing you did.

Now that I said that, I'd like to thank some recent people I have come across that have made me realize there is a City of Lost Talent. Like I said before no names, I'd like to leave it as a you know who you are thing. And if you don't know, now you know Gojira (for the lack of a well known term).

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