Nostalgia, ain't it a B!

powerjet1_L I fall victim to it a lot, especially when it comes to TV shows, music, toys, and videogames. You always have the greatest first impression of things you grew up with, but when you see them now... well sometimes it changes. Of course there are memories that never fade and they still stay the same, mostly with cartoons, and games with me. Till this day I defend Thundercats, Silverhawks, Centurions, Duck Hunt, and still hate Deadly Towers. This nostalgia bug good or bad has cost me a good amount of money in the past, but I still come back for more.

One good memory for example was when I got my Nintendo (1986). I remember my sister gave it to me for my birthday, and I was hyped all day. Even remember she bought it at Woolworth's on 181St and St. Nick, it was the Power Set. It was a school day so I couldn't play too much, like an hour or something like that. I went to bed sad then wake up around 12ish to the sounds of my MOTHER, and SISTER playing NES my room, ain't that a B! I know I wasn't going to be able to play, so I tried to go back to bed... FAIL I was up for the next 2 hours seeing them move the controller up as they tried to jump in-game.

A bad one, me losing my entire G.I. Joe collection in the family move to Florida... man was I pissed! So for 1st grade for some reason we moved to Florida, I remember packing up the base, vehicles and all my joes. It was supposed to be sent by some company in a truck, I thought it would be ok. We get there and no, I repeat NO G.I. JOE's AT ALL! Ahh man till this day I get pissed about it, haha.

SO after hundreds of dollars and boxes of cartridges, and systems in the computer I still happy that I went thru all of eBay to find thing's from my childhood? You damn sure I am. It can sure get expensive! Anyone else get these random thoughts popping into their crazy head?

Now If I can find a good scratch free set of the Bionic Six...

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