Rasheed Chappell: The Chappell Show Vol. 2 is here!

The Chappell Show Vol 2(Click to download)

I've been holding on to this gem for a bit, and I can finally talk about it. Before I start the talking, I'd like to say that I have some songs on a constant mental loop! The more I listen to it, the more convinced I am about the lyrical prowess (Yeah I went there) of Rasheed's talent. I don't want to leave the power of the beat behind, an amazing effort was put into this production and it shows. The format used here (and in Vol. 1) is fantastic, interview style then they go into the heart of it... the tracks. Peace goes out to DJ Mishap, and Mr. J for the Peep Show format.

As soon as the mixtape starts, it lets you know that whats out there is straight up bunk so you know something good is coming. Then that gansta boogie hits in Soliloquy, those trumpets come out and DAMN! Then it goes into Once again, this is one of those songs I have on constant playback. Lovin the "Saddle up, and chow down" at the end of the track. Peepshow Skits in between are good, not like the shout fest some mixtapes they have in EVERY track. Soul Possession (Feat. Raye 6) is... bananas, I love this track! That smooth beat, and the visionary lyrics Rasheed is spitting is fire.

Who I am... this is straight up hot, you can see his lyrics take life and picture everything, also one of my personal favorites. "Because you done took everything else muthafucka!"... HA! Tuff Talk is another lyrical visual feast, the chorus is dope and portrays what many feel on the streets in the struggle. Live This Way... I'd like to shake the hand of all that worked on this track, also one of my favorites. It speaks volumes about what the people feel and what thoughts go thru their mind daily, fully appreciated. The Peep Show skit 2, sheds light on some of the history between Rasheed and some of the artists he's working with, which is great.

Stance makes me wanna hit something haha, don't know how to explain it, but it's powerful! Gritty, heavy, and lyrics that smack with some backhand goodness just DOPE. Amerikkka's Own, is that song you play when you wanna let it be known what's up, and see what's around you, hot beat too. What Goes up (Feat. Bee I) also have that old school vibe to it thanks to Bee I's chorus, and the laid back lyrics get accompanied with a equally smooth beat. Drug$ (Feat.Lady Luck) is another great song I can see unfold before my eyes as I hear it, that needs a slow-mo video to go with it! Druuuugs is in my head for sure. 3 Of A Kind is on that funky, scruffy beat, straight pimp theme. Hate it or Love it, "what you get is all I got, what I got is what you need," the chorus says it all nuff said. That Outro is dope, and not just because WGM gets a mention, but it tops off a great mixtape with a great shout to all the people that worked on this.

The last track Reachin' is a nostalgia Teaser, another one of my favorites. Just hear it, it has one of those beats that stays with you and a great sign of things to come. Also shows how much Rasheed Chappell has grown in such little time from Volume 1 to now.

Verdict: Do I recommend this mixtape? without a doubt! It is true Hip-Hop at its core, gives you what Hip-Hop is missing and needs...True love for it. The production value is on point and never disappoints delivering powerful beats and visionary lyrics which has made Hip-Hop great. Rasheed Chappell has once again won this battle, so see for yourself and download the mixtape below it's FREE... I know for a fact you won't be disappointed.


The Chappell Show Vol 2 B



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