Stephen Ellis Art Giant

sticks I recently had a sit down with Artist Stephen Ellis from NJ and immediately knew he is Giant status. Having a childhood that embraced his Jamaican culture and art, then fusing it with music brought him to where he is today.  His images are bold, colorful, made with striking strokes and powerful imagery that jumps off the canvas. His Jazz pieces comes to life and soo full of power and movement that it seems as if they are going to move within the canvas. You can see the emotion, and passion in his technique that creates something very special.

There is no denying his skill as an artist, and bringing it out with an array of beautiful colors make it all the more special. Stay tuned for updates on Stephen Ellis. Enough talk, let me show you some more pieces so you can see why he is a true Giant.



And one of my personal favorites:


For more information on how to contact Stephen Ellis, feel free to contact us here at WGM.

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