Oh Canada, Single Second's got a vote

SS1 So last week I went to Single Second's shop and ordered me a tee. I was looking for a specific one, but I waited too long to buy... and it was gone. After the order I got the inevitable thought of 'wonder when it's going to get here,' yes I'm that impatient haha. As I chatted up with Single Second (cool peoples), it made me feel better about the purchase because it was a real person and not some 'bot that runs a company and they hooked it up! Check out the tees below. I definitely recommend Single Second, a Mike Patton fan can't be wrong!




Even got some stickers!

They also got a new Fall/Winter 2009 line coming out soon. Head on over to the shop and check out what they got going on, tell em Marge Large sent ya!

Giant thanks to Single Second for the extras!

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