Tha 'hood, the block, my place, home

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day in the APP projects in Passaic, NJ on a video project WGM is involved with. The love that rolled thru, passed by, spit some lines was great, made you feel like your home. It was real people chillin, doing regular day things, but no one that hasn't lived or experienced living in the hood can appreciate it I think. It's something that when brought up you'll usually get "You chilled where?!, man your crazy," obviously nothing positive. This is the perception most people show when you don't experience it on a personal level. I remember in High School some people from Brooklyn used to have the same effect above when I told them I lived there. Sure there were parts of The Heights that were hot (police wise) but all city's have their bad sections, they just aren't ALL bad like most think... I still love The Heights and defend it every time I hear someone talk bad about it. You don't find the love, sweat, tears, and strength of the people when your in some ritzy Richie Rich place. They usually feel empty, isolated, segregated, and no love... devoid of all human emotion. Call me crazy but I'd rather not live in a place like that.

Many people have these 'bad' part of town places soo wrong, and don't get passed the bad, only focusing on what goes wrong. Sucks because they are missing out on meeting the most humble, true, devoted, loved filled people you will ever meet. Nothing hits the heart more when someone accepts you for what you are, and still have love for you. Someones life can be totally different because of that, and make them a better person. So remember people, not everything in the hood is filled with criminals, rejects and derelicts... there are real people that love you for who you are, and are a strong people that strive to make what they can for their family. Let's show some more love for the hood, maybe if you do you won't see it as this horrible place where minorities are criminally rampant you might make a difference in someone's life. WGM out!

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