We say, 'cause we care

As soon as you start, something big happens...your mind warps, and changes. you get this crazy itch that you have to scratch, and you need to sooth it NOW. Sure it's illegal, but that doesn't stop you from falling in love with it, and abusing it till your hands hurt. You start seeing things and places that you didn't notice before, and contemplate on going to get your fix because you can't stop thinking about it. Your whole attitude changes, even at times when you talk most won't understand what you say while your under it's spell. All you can think about is 'well maybe if I sit over here they won't see me doing it' or 'ahhh fuck it who cares'. There will be the day that you forget everything and everyone at one point, and you won't care. You will defend it no matter what, and will get violent because of people's negative reaction to it. You will fight for it like if it was family, and go down for it because you love it that much. Many people know what I write about and have gone thru the twisted, dim lit, warped, colored walls and mind altering thoughts. After all these years I still think about it, and still get the craze in my eye once in a while.

Damn Graffiti... it's a hell of a drug.

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