What the deal with it?

Rogue Status Bianchi So apparently this fixed bikes crap is popular now. I don't know alot bout bikes in general, but its become more of a hipster (yeah I said it) show off thing. Sure there is a scene for it, tricks and all that good stuff, but as all things that start being "cool", it starts to blow.

I've seen some vids of tricks on fixed and its all good, so I'm not downplaying the scene at all, just the people that think its the "In" thing to do and have. Just like the Keffiyeh's and no lense glasses, its getting old.

Little by little I am getting back into the BMX bike likes. I used to love it before, but fell off from it. Now due to economy/easy of use/design choices and mods, I'm coming back to it. No not because The Cool Kids got em, or none of that crap. I just like it. I think BMX bikes are better than Mountain bikes anyways HA!

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