Currently Enjoying: Melody's Echo Chamber

There's something extremely calming and hypnotic about Melody Prochets (French Pop) voice combined with the production of Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. This album will have the sound wrapped around you with fuzzy guitars and eerie soundscapes in what she calls "dream pop", the dream like vocals mixed in to what feels like the world going reverse in slow motion brings you to an altered state. Visions of endless walls covered in a multitude of colors and blurred motion while the album dances all over, obviously I'm enjoying the album... haha. Some reviewers had issues with Snowcapped and it's sound but I can't agree that the track has extreme highs at all. I have a soft spot for anything dreamlike that sounds good and also borrowing from the psych 60's feel as well brings it to another level, each and every track free flows to another hand in hand. Having given utmost praise for Melody's voice I also have to give props to Kevin Parker for creating a beautiful imaginative audio blanket that oozes psychedelic goodness to which now I look forward to hearing more audio LSD in the maybe not so distant future. You can purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon and Insound. Hear the 'Endless Shore' song from the album below.