Savant's Delayed Entry EP is the real

28383434 I recently got the "Delayed Entry" EP from Savant of RAREBREED (Like a Super Friends of Hip-Hop), and like most things I post here... I like.  Bringing the heat of Arizona to music form, these tracks go a long way and only show a promising future for Savant. Being raised with a musical childhood, then evolving to a lyricist shows in the way he flow with the beats.  This EP from beginning to end is Hip-Hop, and is no fluff, no filler... straight truth.

First track is 'The Lyricist ThreeMix,' coming off with a strong beat, pure hard hitting accompanied with strong lyrics... "What's This!?!" The next track is one of my personal favorites titled 'Illest You've Never Heard (Could We Go)', that beat is soo smooth, the hot lyrics just spinning and mixing with the beat making it a dope mixture of what you can just chill to and relax. Third track 'Concrete Techniques' makes you feel like your on a mission to find that Hip-Hop and they are giving the orders, 'You Kindergarten rappers can't move half my speed'... ahhh. 'You Know' has that summertime, 90's feel to it, when it was about words and not flagging your "riches" around, kinda short wish it was a longer track! 'Bottom To the Top' takes a page from Marley with the chorus, and I ain't mad at it cause of that good feeling it gives off.

''Til Death Do Us Part' is another one of those tracks where you can't help but memorize the words to it and nod your head to, it has that classic track vibe to it. 'Perfect Profession' is THE best track on the EP, love how he is storytelling what him mom and dad thought about him from young to now, and the beat is hot as hell.  It also breaks up into another beat after 3min and some change which I got no complaint about, once again hitting us off with some lyrics that make you think twice about other artists that we listen to and why they are up there. 'Marry a Memory' is a track where at least once we all have been in, so sincere and keeping it sounding dope works all the way right here.

At the end of this album yes you will have another artist to look out for, I know I definitely will! If there is anything new with Savant be sure I will most definitely post it up here, that's just what we do here. Savant has earned Giant status, and WGM wishes him all the luck possible.  Click below for the FREE download link, support real Hip-Hop!


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