Dewey Decibel... What a Son of a Beach

Dewey Decibel's 'Son of a Beach' is out and continues the feel good Hip-Hop that consistently keeps it positive. It starts with his roots and ends with one of his loves, a short but Giant 5 track EP shines the suns ray and lets the right light in. The 'Taj Mahal' along with 'What You Are' (Ricky Radio is awesome) tracks are my favorites and can continuously listen to 'em with no problem, the EP overall is a dope mix of skater surfer mixed in with Hip-Hop without him sounding like a backpacking scenester. Out on Bold New Breed Records and in iTunes, so you should go and cop yours now. Trust that you won't regret that $3.99 spent, preview the sounds by listening to 'Taj Mahal' below.