Stumbleine's Spiderwebbed

Bristol artist Stumbleine has poured some good chill into his latest upcoming (Oct. 29, 2012) album "Spiderwebbed", it sounds like a wondrous hazy dream and is a great sedative that will have you 'laxing in no time. There are certain electronic artists that try and attempt to make this glittery emotional and sometimes alienating electronic music but end coming up flat and uninspiring, what Stumbleine ends up with in this album is an interesting and captivating Electronic RnB type of sound. It transports you to a mixture of enveloping sounds that seems like it was lifted off the dream soundtrack from ten people, different spaces in time and at equal time the same. I don't normally write about music like this because of the reason mentioned before but I truly enjoyed this album, it has a good mix of two or three music genres with great balance. I am new to the UK artist so this is a great first impression to base my opinion on, also serves to show where he can go besides his experimental dubstep contribution to the Swarms. When vocals kick in on 'Fade Into You' it adds a good level of softness that is in no way distracting or a glaring annoyance, it enhances the track and carries it well into a beautiful chill wave waterfall of sounds. It's no mystery that it takes a specific talent to create songs of this type and Stumbleine has it, the "Glo-Fi" as he calls it will expand and change your thought as to what electronic music of this nature is doomed to sound like. It's that feel good music that I can't get enough of and why should you? The further you expand your sounds, the more you can appreciate different rhythms and genres. You can pre-order the album on Monotreme Records site, there are different packages so make sure to note which one you select. Listen below for a preview of the album.