The feeling is back

Just recently, well September 8th to be exact something magical happened. It was a feeling of extreme want, and just dying to get my hands on it...the release to Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt. 2. My God this album bought the feeling of the early 90's back BEFORE I even listened to it. Just the anticipation of an album you KNOW its going to be good, hasn't been felt in such a long time (well maybe Slaughterhouse) and it felt great. I am not going to post a review for OBFCL2, because I don't think it's possible to even attempt to put into words what I felt after I listened to it on my headphones (3rd time around) especially since this is used as an example. But getting back to the whole feeling and quest to find a copy (A-Thank-You), it is usually unheard of nowadays especially since most music (see suckage) is digital now due to costs. Nothing beats having that cd and artwork in your hand and knowing you bought an album that deserved it's purchased. Going back to any early Wu release, Aquemini, Gang Starr, hell even my bootleg '91 Black Sheep tape ($3.50, 2 for 5.00 at the spot) I had bought me more joy that most of this "music" out now. I just hope it's not few and far in between when we get this feeling again. In twitter it was crazy the amount of thank you's that were going out to Rae and #OBFCL2, it was beautiful and real.

Mark another one for Hip-Hop, as I think no other genre (right now at least) has this feeling of community and love for the artist and his music.

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