TWZZGAGA Ok the best part of last nights award show was the MJ tribute, Janet did her thing and it was all well done. Muse was pretty good, just that weird exit off the stage to the street was wack. Also the last performance by Jay-Z was fantastic, those backdrop images really showed NYC at its best and that track is nuts. There was a good amount of weirdness last night at the MTV VMA's. 'Ye and his horrible stage bomb debacle messing up Taylor Swifts' moment, as much as I don't like her music, she didn't deserve that. Lady Gaga and her questionable outfits, Pink's Cirque De Solei act, and Lil Mama's stage foolery.

Kanye used to be known for dumb acts like he did last night, but seemed like he grew up for a second... Liquor is a bitch people. Messing with Swifts moment (kid just trying to shine) and talk crazy with his wacko haircut, I love you 'Ye but cmon man, really!? Lady Gaga was ummm, herself I guess? That chick is a mess fashion wise, Eyes Wide Shut collided with some powerful 'ish! Pink's Las Vegas act was cool, must be hard to sing while doing all that.

Empire State of Mind... The song that sound like what New York looks like. Its an amazing song, that makes you feel proud to be from NYC! Alicia Keys played, sang, looked on point... That chorus is gold. The images in the background were very powerful and beautiful, Jay kept it dope no question. What was in question was Lil Mama jumping on stage like a fool, looked like a little dude with a wig jumped on stage.

Oh the awards, you thought I forgot about them? No I didn't, still trying to forget the list of winners... Once again MTV shows they think money is more important than music, at least they let Wale perform some! Crappy list and some weirdness this year again. Another VMA year bites the dust, they need M. Manson to come perform again. MTV, I want MY MTV back... I'm tired of saying that, I don't think they are listening to us music fans anymore. Giant out!

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