Daniel Joseph Pretty/Ugly Listening Session, BFS

_MG_3948 Yesterday night was pretty dope, went to BlackFlag Shoppe to get a listen to Daniel Joseph's album Pretty/Ugly coming out on November 3rd. I've posted a track of his before from the EP coming out soon, but I got to hear his upcoming album in its entirety and it's gonna be crazy. Pretty/Ugly has a tight track list of crazy beats and story, the people involved in this project definitely did it up! If only I could let you all listen to what I did last night, just trust this is going to be one of the albums to go out and cop for sure. Daniel Joseph is on the real Hip-Hop that is lacking in the music industry, he is another artist that makes me proud to have met/heard and is from NJ!

With the start of each song we got a short talk about the track, and who worked on it. The beauty of it all is that there were stories told in the beginning of the song and unfolded with the end of that track. There's that one song that the beat is just WOW... #2 Daniel! Production values on this album is on point and shows that this was a true labor of love, and not some radio/garbage cash-in, we as fans of Hip-Hop appreciated that. It was also stories about things real, and not some fantasy bubblegum trash with a hot beat attached... everything worked together and flowed fantastic. I got to also meet Sucio Smash (Da Bronx) from the label High Water Music that Daniel is on, my man knows how to pick the talent and that shirt you had on was real.

I'd like to thank Daniel Joseph and BlackFlag Shoppe for the invite, and good time. Most definitely have to add another Giant in Hip-Hop over here, Daniel Joseph comes correct with his. Check up here for the album review later and any info on Daniel Joseph. Best of luck to you Daniel Joseph, show em how Jerz does it! I also took some shots last night, check em out!

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