Donate Now to Hurricane Sandy Victims

All images from the NBC News PhotoBlog east coast has been battered and thrashed around like a rag doll by hurricane Sandy, it has left many lives in ruins along with millions (billions) of dollars in damage and lives lost. My house and family wasn't affected greatly thank God but there are some appalling accounts of people lives in absolute ruin and many today without power and gas. It's heartbreaking to see our fellow man go thru tough times and this is one hell of a test for us all, some people have lost their entire house and possessions with memories and photos that can't ever get replaced. If there is any way you can donate ANYTHING at all to the affected, please do so and let us hope for a brighter day tomorrow where we can all start rebuilding with what we can.

Our heart goes out to those in the dark and cold temperatures, the brothers and sisters by us if you need anything and we are around please let us know. The easiest and fastest way to donate from our experience is thru the iTunes store, they already have your information and it's as simple as clicking the amount and entering your password.

Please donate to the American Red Cross by using the following methods:

*Note: all (100%) of the proceeds donated in the Apple Store go directly to the Red Cross.

1-800-HELP-NOW or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.