Street Fighter 2... Lest We Never Forget

WGMSF2_ACIt was 1991 and video games was all that mattered, well that and comic books, baseball cards and Wizard magazine. I was on my way to J.H. school one morning but decided to stop by the local candy shop that sold gummy bears for a penny each and load up ($1.00) with that and caramel cubes. Instead I got sidetracked by a kid running into one of the bodegas screaming "Street Fighter!!", it was interesting enough to go check out whatever he was blabbing about with a friend of mine. We followed the kid to the back of the store and there were these indecipherable yells and screams by a glowing arcade cabinet, the only one in the bodega which made it even weirder. When we got to the machine all we saw were eyes glued to the screen and characters flying around an amazingly colorful palette, it was like our wildest kid battle reenactments come to pixel life. "What the hell is this?!" I thought and stayed until I got my 25¢ fireball fix then got instantly hooked, obviously late to school and not caring that's when I realized the arcades would never be the same again.

That year kids went nuts over the game and countless of hours were spent learning combos with quarter circles and how to "YOGA!", everyone wanted to kick ass and select few were glorified in the arcade tournaments. WGM is going to be posting the stories of Jay Peeps, the youngest player on the tournament in '91 and he's going to be sharing some of his fondest memories from the tournament circles he frequented. His first post will be going live in a few so F5 the site in 5 minutes.

He'll be here for a while so let's all sit back, reminisce, and remember the great Capcom creation that is... Street Fighter 2. Also if this does well we might just have more nostalgia video game postings from a few folks including myself.

You can now view his first post HERE.