Sick Checklist

At work... check, Theraflu... check, Mucinex... check, Green Tea... check. Oh and a everything bagel with butter. This weekend was good and ended with a hell of a sick kicker. Spent Friday with lil Giant, went to a family Luau on Saturday but then it started. Me and mama Giant had to leave the party early (like old folk at 8PM) cause we were getting sick bad. Sunday had a lil meeting with Rasheed Chappell, and took some pics for Single Second (Came out kinda dope) and still pulling the sick wagon. Been getting sick a little too much lately, even if I am eating better it still hits. Just finished (hopefully) a project last night that I will be uploading soon too, my directorial debut! Feeling good about it and think it came out cool, hope you all like what we did. Let me get back to this everything bagel, and  the j-o-b thing, I will be posting the two projects soon!!

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