Single Second drops Fall/Winter 2009!

Single Second is back with their Fall/Winter lineup, and its looking dope! Coming out with their playful Zombie flips, and more serious topics dealing with literature and alchemy so there is something for all. I've recently become a real fan of their work, and look forward to anything new they release. My personal favorites from the new line are the Chthonic Triad, and the Les Dead ones, which I'll be ordering very soon. I definitely appreciate the Nintendo (Nintenwhore) love they show in their Zombie series, and can only hope they start doing kid sizes for my son! haha. Overall this line keeps getting better and better with each release, and it shows in their designs and the subjects they touch on. No category needed to explain their designs, they got their own thing going on, and it works. Always welcomed at WGM, Single Second is a brand to check up on and see what they got going on up in Canada! I have some pics I took of two of their shirts that I will be posting soon, wait for that too. So go get your shop on, and check their blog for the cool vids they post. Enough of all this talk, let me show you what I'm talking about!

Les Dead

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