Eric Ya' Dingus... Subliminal Innocence Is Sublime

EricDingus_SISubliminal Innocence might be one of my favorite instrumental albums of this year so far, Eric Dingus is one heck of a producer and his latest projects that message very well. Dealing with depression and a plethora (Jefe, what is a plethora?) of influences from Japanese horror movies and video games, he managed to put it in dreamy audio form and it sounds fantastic. Ranging from subtle somber sounds to epic sounding neon lights streaking audio (Regrets 1995), the tracks mess with your ears while projecting images of torn worlds. It's great. Sometimes the bass is super heavy where if loud enough you feel everything vibrate and goes perfectly with the overall idea of the album. To think that in Austin, Texas 18yr old Eric Dingus is making beats like this... man you gotta love music.

I highly recommend downloading this free album and hope you completely zone out with Dingus 'cause he definitely knows what he's doing.