Jabee x Mick Boogie: Must Be Nice ...indeed

l_e540f17af0c74122b6536a2d341c2cc1 And now our feature presentation...

At the beginning with The Blessing you can tell this tape is a monster, boombox music for sure. There are some tracks on here that feel like comic book superhero fighting music, and that's all good with me. Mick Boogie did right with this mix through and through. Production is on point, and never slips in quality throughout and that's a major plus for a mixtape. Some of my favorites are LITTLEearth, Go Tell em, Car Pool, Anywhere, Taxi Ride, LAced to the Heart, and the Bonus track Story to tell... they def turn the auto head nod action with the twisted dope beat face.

I'm new to Jabee, but heard him before on the DOOMED and Hannibal King tapes, and it was nice to actually hear something new. This mixtape has 25 tracks in total (With the bonus), and it's all good throughout for sure. I'm going to be getting his other tapes for sure now, being that this one is definitely Giant approved, and Jabee is another Giant walking amongst men. Peace goes out to Jabee and Grafwurks for the love, that's what Hip-Hop is all about! So get with it, and click the cover below to download the FREE mixtape!!


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