It's not Thanksgiving yet but...

PalanteWGM I wanted to thank everyone that has been involved in creating, unfolding WGM to where it is today, and believing in the idea. The When Giants Meet idea came around to re-doing a clothing line we did years ago (The Fluo), and loved the idea where artists can come together and make something great. Having also a huge amount of appreciation for music, WGM also wanted to work with music somehow, and started to notice that there was soo much talent that was being lost in the sea of garbage. So here we are, a belief of where artists no matter the medium coming together and bringing out their dreams and ideas helping each other out. The music part comes in as a lover of audio and posting what makes this Giant's head nod, and giving more exposure to the talented ones.

We've had the pleasure of working with some great artists, and there will be some great projects coming up in the clothing and music department. It's been great and it can only go up from here, so let's do this! If you don't bring out your dreams, someone else will have that same idea and you stay stuck saying "wish I did." Time to show people how Giant things can get, and how tiny other things are. All good things happen When Giants Meet... "No matter how hard they try, they can't stop us now."

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