DADA NYC: A Digital Artist Playground by Randy Ortiz


Art is life and amazing how it's always open to interpretation regardless of what thought or medium was used to create it. With soo many advances in the digital age we live in, visual expression was bound to hit the pixels hard and become something that many people participate in, converse and share. Now we have an amazing start in the art and collaborative space called DADA nyc, a visual social network where you can communicate, collaborate and occupy a space where expression is key. I absolutely love the idea of having daily topics where people create pieces from and also the ability to have someone else come in and draw in the same piece as you. 

Visual conversation by artists at

Art is an amazing tool to communicate with, share our lives and thoughts, especially when no barriers and labels. I believe this site has an amazing idea and drawing tools (desktop only for now) for an amazing collaborative movement in a public space without getting arrested, haha. Their interface is primitive yet beautifully stylized and I love it, from the illustrated site buttons to the way type is utilized in menu options. Want to start drawing right away? Below is what you'll see once you click the pencil on the site's bottom center. Nice clean canvas... have at it.

They have also released their first art gallery named "Creeps & Weirdos" (see below) where you can even buy a piece of digital art using Ethereum (ETH), I am completely on board with cryptocurrency and glad they have their foot in it. Yes you can own limited edition art on the blockchain, once purchased you will received the edition number and the right to resell the piece as well. They are currently working on the certificate of ownership which will even further solidify this projects contribution to the art space. You can literally collect art that's limited and most importantly support the artist for their work, how cool is that?

Easily said this is a highly ambitious project and one that has very cool achievements already in the art and crypto space. There seems to be a great community there with folks sharing their pieces and coming together as artists to create. I am also going to start using the drawing tools myself and hopefully I'll see you guys there as well.

For more information: DADA NYC | DADA NYC Blog

I Needed Color and Maybe I Need Less Sleep? by Randy Ortiz

In an amazing mini-documentary, THE Jim Carrey has managed to blow me away with his expression and art. Confusing and complicated is the mind of an artist and blessed are we to somehow let those thoughts and emotions out. A great looks into his mind, his art and how life sometimes works it's way into solving heartbreak and feeling.

He mentioned something that struck a chord with me, being up late and creating which I used to do a lot. In a recent creative slump I have had many thoughts as to what is the contributing factor, be it time, energy or motivation but time frame might be a contributing factor. I create best when there's isolation and no interruptions, this might have sparked me trying to find a better way for me to work without being up at 3AM cause... work, haha.

Thank you Jim.

What geekery am I up to? by Randy Ortiz

Hey giants! Sorry about the down time on the site, work and family stuff can keep you busy for a while hehe. My lil Giants are now 9, 3 and a soon to be 1 yr old, yep almost got my own basketball team but now I need energy, haha. So the geekery never stops in my house and there's been a disturbance in the usual digital world of playing Star Wars Card Trader which is dying off for me (another day) because of Topps' greed, I have two new sites/apps I use that are taking much of the little free time I have. See below for both and if you join, don't forget to add wgmeets! They are Clect and Neonmob, check the goodness below!

First up is Clect, I've been a non-posting member for a while but now that I am in the beta testing stages for their iOS app, I'm all for it and having fun uploading photos of my toy collection.

What’s Clect exactly? A website where you can upload pictures of all your collectibles, figures, toys and toy photography while being able to see others as well. Talk toys, like others collections and shoot the shite. You create packs (sets) and the photos you upload are cards that can go into whatever packs you like. They will also let you buy/sell in the near future which is a major plus for me since I have a few figures looking for good homes. I have sooooo many photos to take... 

Check it out if you can and tell em wgmeets (add me) sent ya!

Secondly is Neonmob which is an online card trading site where you can collect other artists/photographers work, it's been very pleasant so far and some of the art there is pretty dope. Yes I am a digital card collecting addict... no shame haha.

They give out tons of freebie cards daily and when or if you decide to buy coins to open packs, the artists are actually getting some of that, you can also buy prints of their work if you really dig their work also! You can create sets (70% royalty) also which is a part of the service I am currently working on creating a set for. So many art styles and I already collected all cards from an Animal Crossing set, yes there is an Animal Crossing set haha.

The traders are pleasant and the experience has been good so far, don't forget to add me and send me a trade! I like the browser IU, good clean design and the iOS app currently in the works is shaping up to be a great on the go addiction... err addition. Yeah addition.

The WGM Art Gallery is now up! by Randy Ortiz

I've been slowly but surely gathering a few folks to start an online gallery where I can showcase artwork and photography from all sorts of mediums and places. Today is the day that I reveal the WGM gallery and extremely glad to have the trust of fellow artists to display their work properly. Thanks also goes to Google's Open Gallery folks, they've been a great help as I picked their brains, they have created such a wonderful concept and powerful zoom, you can really get in there and see the detail of the work.
I hope to have more artists join in and perhaps have a rotating exhibition per artist on a monthly or bi-monthly basis... let's see. A Giant thanks to the first participating artists which are Dewey Saunders , Eduardo Colon, Adam Lister, MtheNelson, Rasheed Chappell and Sean Conley. After each exhibit you can see information about them and their respective links. Hope everyone likes the gallery and remember to ZOOM in on the pieces, that's half the fun besides their amazing work!

View gallery

The Whitestone Experience by Randy Ortiz

What if when you listened to music, you could also interact with the art or experience it in a better visual sense? No longer a background act or static image you stare at but immersing yourself into that album or artistic vision and able to tip said artist or creator. Sounds cool doesn't it? Well the good folks at Whitestone are trying to build a network of just that and boy does it sounds great. It seems like an insane amount of work and I'm not sure what goes into it all but the idea that I can interact with the album cover or more like how Björk has done, in one place and with many artists sounds very appealing. I'm always preaching about how there should be a stronger focus on the album art, this might strike that happy medium or surpass what I've been looking for.

Independent, interactive and immersive. Take a look at what Roey has to say about the service below and visit their Thunderclap to help spread the word. Whitestone will also be launching a Kickstarter on August 30th in order to stay independent and work personally with artists and not labels or grubby venture capitalists hands.

Ras G 'Looking for the Perfect Beat' Preview by Randy Ortiz

Ever want to be a fly on the wall listening to one of your favorite beatmakers created the goodness? I know I have and this might be the perfect way to analyze an artistic process that ends up with you zoning out or going nuts on a great beat. Looking for the Perfect Beat is an upcoming film based on the beat making scene in LA surrounding the Low End Theory Club. It''ll show an immersive view into the creative process of beatmakers such as Thundercat, the Gaslamp Killer, TOKiMONSTA, Jonwayne, Baths, Daedelus, Ras G, Teebs, D-Styles, edIT of the Glitch Mob, Astronautica, Free the Robots, and Matthewdavid. The film is being directed by Matthew F. Smith and produced by Daddy Kev of Low End Theory. For the location and date of the release see below and enjoy the Ras G preview!: 

Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles
Downtown Independent Theater
July 13 Sunday at 9PM


Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro, Sr. by Randy Ortiz

I saw this yesterday on HBO and it was a fascinating documentary about the painter, his works, a tribute and how he thought about his own work and others. Robert De Niro Jr felt compelled to continue and try to show his fathers work because he felt it needed more eyes and to honor him at the same time.

It dealt with something important and a semi typical look into what an artist usually goes thru with their own works within his world. Often you will find an array of emotions and (personal) disappointments within an artist, it can be a thing of execution from the idea to whatever medium, self assurance or how well they've been accepted within the community of artists. We are an emotional bunch but it's because some of us have an unapologetic and harsh opinion on our own works, that will never change and it's something all artists have to cope with somehow. While maintaining sanity... well some of us do, there's a thin line of acceptance when how good you think you are and listening to others praise your work collide. Most times I value what I think over anything that is said to me because I feel that if I'm not happy with it, I won't show it and it's not good enough for me to be proud of.

Now have those inner workings of constant self debate with how the world loves the next big or hot thing. It can work itself into your mind and wreck havoc if you're not sure how to regain a level head. It doesn't matter what your working on be it a painting, drawing, photography, project, music or performance, know that you are your biggest critic and it's ok. Just remember to pat yourself in the back once in a while and recognize when you truly have something good going. You can't grow as an artist if you cannot see beyond the mud.

You can find more information about the documentary here.

The Other Guy's Zombomer Eats Braaaaains by Randy Ortiz

TOG_ZMGiant family The Other Guy has recently released his latest tee Zombomer, an awesome zombie tee inspired by one of the best shows on earth... The Simpsons! This brings back memories of the Single Second Mario zombie tee, now that I think about it I have to find the tee and see if it fits Lil Giant now. The dude does amazing customs as well for those interested in Munnys. SO... cop this and keep a close eye on the dude, you might just see something cool and Giant come up soon. He has these on black tees or a gray raglan as you can see below.

ZombomerBlack Zombomergrey

Want In On Some Acid Drop? *Now With Beats* by Randy Ortiz


No I'm not talking about that kind of drop but I am talking about Daniel Isles' new project Acid Drop, a dark and urban grit story about Charlie Cooper, a professional killer that's trying to leave the ultra violent and drug filled game. Being the best comes with consequences so his buyout price is a hefty one, his last mission is a tough one against The Black Cat Cafe. If he manages to survive he then can fulfill his buyout clause of the contract he currently abides by. This is going to be pretty interesting and is one of those graphic novels that's worth supporting on Kickstarter. Daniel sent this in and I became very interested in working with him on this, the art style caught my attention and also as a reader am wondering how the rest of the world will unfold under the pen. I am going to be currently supporting the Acid Drop project in others ways to help bring awareness if this project to others, you might be seeing this a few times on my timeline.

The Kickstarter project has 23 days to go so you have some time to read some more on the project and the cool offerings that Daniel has to offer for it's supporters. I leave you with the Kickstarter video and what Daniel has to say about the project below.

You can also download the beat tape by Smith The Mister and producer Myke Forte titled 'Supreme Headblast Beat Tape' made exclusively for this project. Read and download some tunes for free here.

"The beautifully showcased Graphic Novel called Acid Drop, is a dark & gritty thriller that will take you on a journey like no other...

...Following the life of a professional killer who goes by the name Mr Charlie Cooper; Charlie is a man who wants out, to disappear from the game for good, but in order to do so he must fulfill the buyout clause within his contract. Unfortunately, being one of the finest in the business means that his freedom will only be available to him at the highest of costs.

His latest job is a suicide mission to topple the group known as The Black Cat Cafe and their psychotic leader. If he manages to complete this final act of his career and survive a world of drugs, violence and unadulterated mayhem, it will be enough for him to leave the game for good with no strings attached."

Official Acid Drop siteKickstarterTwitter

Dewey & Friends High on Art by Randy Ortiz

If you've been following the Dewey Decibel appreciation here then you know this dude is about that art, well him and his friends got some art drank in and now engulfed in visions. See what happens when they take to the streets 'High on Art'. This track is off the 'Son of a Beach' album and continues to show how much he works on his craft both lyrically and visually. Dope indeed.