Curbside Jones Wolves' Clothing 100% Sheepreme Cotton by Randy Ortiz

Curbside Jones 80 hit combo with the mental floorbreak!
Will the sheep makes the clothes or with the clothes make the sheep... damn.
Curbside comes through with an EP that open the discussion of the sheep and wolf, a tale of adapting to them and rising as you. He touches on death, parenthood effects and what's expected of your masculinity while traveling thru sound bites and conversations with electric and soulful beats that bump, a very real and honest talk with his audience. Short n' sweet Wolves' Clothing makes you think, what if you acted like the wolf to in turn come out and evolve what a wolf is or perhaps redefine what it is to be a wolf? At least that's what I got from it and it sounds great. Props to Curbside for the honesty and the window into his mind. Peep the EP below and the animated video for Been Wolf.

Uncommon Nasa's Written at Night by Randy Ortiz

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy zoning out, it's midnight tho.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy listening to Uncommon Nasa's wordplay and clever mainframe.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy letting my mind go when creating while people sleep.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy looping Compass, Small Change and The Patient to focus.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy vibing out to the beats and feels, making my brain waves pulsate.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy lost in the way this album feels, making me check my watch and rub my eyes.

I should probably write a review for this...
Too busy telling you to buy this now and thank me later.

You will.

Onyx x D.O.D. won't let you sleep by Randy Ortiz

Well damn... I haven't heard a more threatening collabo than these two groups in a minute, Netherlands D.O.D. and Queens own Onyx. Bringing you to a place of darkness and savage hard hitting beats with great visuals. The videos are fantastically done and fit the mood perfectly, props to Andres Fouché! Shiftee, low down gritty and grimy to the fucking max.
Their album 'Shotgunz In Hell' (iTunesAmazon, Spotify) comes out today May 29 which is perfect to bump in that BBQ ya'll have going on right now, just bring the kids to play inside haha. Peep the other two videos they got for this release and get a fear for your life going, err... I mean a feel for the album.


Powder Blues Got Me Itchin' by Randy Ortiz

Maxx Julian is at his old awesome tricks again, this 'Powder Blues' Detroit collaboration with The Guns plays out like watching and turning the knob on a VHF box. All separate sounds yet same subject and cohesive, I love the randomness of it all and it sounds great overall. I always say that I wish there were more experimental and idea pieces like this, it strays away from the normal 1-10 track album and brings something new or reinvigorates ideas. Good beats, fun cokecept and FREE, ain't no beating that. I know many of you will enjoy this, I know I did.

Opium Dreams... Sweet, Iceberg Theory by Randy Ortiz

The homie Iceberg Theory (formerly known as Cyclops) has been a bit quiet as of late but the invisibility cloak is off. Since Plexiglass Fountain he's been blessing tracks with lyrics that can make you go and find a book or a slice of history on our society. I've always been a fan of his highly visual and honest lyrics, so when I had the chance to do the cover for the bangin' song you're about to hear, I jumped on it, enjoy!

WakeUpSuper! Yeah Super by Randy Ortiz

Curbside Jones is back with boom baps n' bleeps and real life talk. Luckily I always know this dude brings his A game to every release, this EP is no different with everything being self produced and sounding dope. Personal fan, no bullshit, get with a purchase and n-n-now fight a new rival!

Third Strike was the shite on DC!

Ana Tijoux Spits Somos Sur with Shadia Mansour by Randy Ortiz

The femcee Ana Tijoux is no stranger to spittin' about politics and civil unrest, now Palestinian Shadia Mansour lends a rhyming hand to support her message of uplighting and empowerment no matter where you live. This track is off her 'Vengo' album which you can buy now on iTunes. Those horns tho...

Much respect to international strength and collaboration for a positive message.

R.I.P. Monkey Black by Randy Ortiz

Monkey Black, a young emcee from the Dominican Republic who in certain ways bought a playful element to DR Hip-Hop and was as unapologetic as can be about where he came from was stabbed to death in Spain yesterday. Too soon and too young like all,  MB definitely was growing more in his craft and incredibly sad to hear this happened to one so young.There's way to much violence in this world and it's taking our youth bit by bit. For those that play the violence game to gain respect or "cred" please stop, it's not worth it and you're stepping into a world that you really rather not play in. When 'El Sol Y La Playa' came out, it instantly became a summer anthem in DR and obviously here in certain areas. Sure he heavily used auto-tune but overall it was catchy as hell so it stuck.

May the sun shine a bit longer for MB and those in the same game realize where it can lead to... if you let it.

Stay Giant.

Calle 13 Rips Thru Adentro by Randy Ortiz

René of Calle 13 just ripped a new one on all those wanna be thugs and small-minded gang mentality sheep, he explodes from the heart and flows like a vicious dragon blazing everything negative in its way. He spits about how those that think a gun and a gang make them men and how would they like it if it was their own family. Then goes to bat on his own Maserati which he bought when he "made it" but ended up feeling uncomfortable owning it so (The) Willie Mays gives him an assist. The man has passion and lets you know damn well what it is. See the lyrics here, sorry it's in spanish only but if I find a translation I'll post it.

Full of (Neo)Noir That Zilla by Randy Ortiz


Double barrel shotguns fired and single barrel whisky got us spifflicated when Zilla Rocca came forth with Neo Noir. The kid is back and mixed in his visions with beats from greats like Mexicans With Guns, Blakroc and awesome emcees the like of Premrock, Curly Castro and Dewey Decibel. This is no palooka music, this is that heat you rock with the bearcat in the whip as you ride off into the red, orange and purple tinged skies. A fun album throughout as usual full of atmosphere and visions like Zilla always does, you can also get the limited cassette with a drink coaster which I'm about to get when I finish this. I always feel confident that most if not all you folks dig Zilla because... well you like good music right? Ok then, hop to it.


<a href="http://threedollarpistol.com/album/neo-noir-mixtape">Neo Noir Mixtape by Zilla Rocca</a>