Jo_Def Mixology Tape by Randy Ortiz

JD_MixoI just listened to the perfect mix for a Friday, or shall I say a Friday where you soar thru soulful futuristic goodness that takes you from flat to gouraud and finishing with phong shaded purple mountains towering over you. Obviously this isn't your regular beat tape and this Mixology Radio Show mix made by Jo_Def blows a lot of cats away, not to mention him having a personal favorite LAKIM on this tape a few times... icing on the cake. Do yourself that audio pleasure and get with this, pay much attention and vibe with it cause the homie can put together a damn good tape.

Friday Bass, No Scales by Randy Ortiz

WGM_FBassTime for some Friday Bass to start up as the weekend is upon us, forget about that thing called work and ride it out to some good music. I've been meaning to get around to this and Friday Bass 1 is here. I'll be selecting tracks off Soundcloud during the week and adding them to the Friday Bass collections, also will be accepting submissions but they have to be in Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy the mix and share!

Black Scale x KR∆K! in The Monad March Mixtape by Randy Ortiz

KSometimes it doesn't matter why the music came to be because it just sounds that good. Jersey producer KR∆K! has teamed up with clothing label Black Scale for a trilogy of tapes and the first unit is 'The Monad' a cohesive 4 part movement tape that will have you wondering why you haven't heard of this cat before if you haven't. Sure lyrics are important in music but when the beats are like this then let's keep those vocals outta here. KR∆K! is also part of the amazing Jersey group He Who Shines Truly, another one of my favorites that I love to zone out with. The dude is mega talented and can only wish him the highest reach to cling on the stars... oh yeah MORE (HWST too) music please.

Tracklisting: 1st Movement Darkest Night Brightest Light Open Heart Surgery Interlude I

2nd Movement Gargoyle Theme Music Mars In Scorpio Interlude II

3rd Movement Boundless Energy Sun Storm Rock Brooklanta Interlude III

4th Movement #143 Perfection Marvelous Outro

El Remolon ZZK Mixtape Vol. 9 Goes Boom by Randy Ortiz

ELMV9Andrés Schteingart aka El Remolon just made me nod my head to some artists I wouldn't even think to listen to leisurely but damn it's too good, his down tempo and cumbia bass is fantastic throughout. This ZZK mixtape has all the right thumps and good rhythms are constant, this is volume 9 so be sure go snag those other ones! Enough words... more music.

Starchild 'Astro Fox' Power Waves by Randy Ortiz


Giant fam Starchild has release tape 1 out of 12 in a new beat series called Cosmic Creatures entitled 'Astro Fox', a spacey mix of funky goodness that will make the Tarantula Nebula seem like a kids project. Oh yeah 'Hank's Finest'... yes sweet lord yes, there's King of the Hill sample! Gotta love the intro, mid-tro and outro tracks, this whole tape can ride out and sounds great at high volumes. Give it a listen and drop some currency support for the talent. Can't wait to hear the rest of the albums!

Start 2013 With a Stream o' Bumpin Music by Randy Ortiz

WGM_Bass'12 goes and '13 appears, the new year is here for a bit and why not start it with a good set of music? A plethora ("Jefe, what is a plethora?") of thumps and bumps full of bass, get your mind right early on so you know what's coming. Noticing a slight pattern in these and some of the latest posts? Yep, I will be posting more bass variety of the global/world kind in addiction to everything else I play here. It's something I wanted to start for a while and finally getting around to finding the right people to post about. Kicking off the list is Brooklyn Shanti with a mix starting off 2013 for all you kids that like dancing the night away then it goes off into the bass heavens for all sorts of goodness.

A Giant thank you to everyone that supported the artists and WGM this past year, we wouldn't be here without you and always appreciate the love. This new year is going to be about venturing out more into different sections of music in different cultures and languages, gotta live universal and that goes for music as well.

In the end it is and will forever be about the music. So with that said... let's get to the bass shall we? Stay Giant.

'Them Boys Ain't Right' They're Uncommon by Randy Ortiz

I normally don't like to post flyers here but this has two things I like, Uncommon Records and King of the Hill so it's a must post. The recently announced tour "Them Boys Ain't Right" (awesome) starts July 24 and runs up to 28th, they also released a tour tape to go along with the announcement which you can download below for free or a donation that goes towards their tour funding. Props to DJ Jazzpants for the artwork and keeping Hank alive.

Here's what they have to say about the tour:

"The "Them Boys Ain't Right" tour begins Tuesday, July 24th in Boston! ADAM (of Uncommon Records) will be touring with fellow progsters, Brzowski (Milled Pavement) and Mo Niklz. They'll be rocking five stages in five nights that will take them from Boston through Brooklyn; Portland, Maine; Newport, R.I.; and Bridgeport, Conn. for a Northeast tour. It will also see them sharing the stage with Open Mike EagleBilly Woods (for his first NYC show since the criticaly acclaimed "History Will Absolve Me" lp dropped), MegaRan and other special guests."

Starchild Brings 'Cold Turkey Leftovers' For Us by Randy Ortiz

Starchild is back and ready to enter a new time, combining what he goes thru in actual life with his music he reflects it all in sound. The third full album release from the artist takes us on a journey through his childhood and leftover beats he's accumulated in the past two years. While random snippets adorn the 15 track package, it magically flows from one track to another like a favorite DOOM track. I can appreciate this on soo many different levels (life, sonic thoughts) and especially what he's doing if you chose to buy this project. You can download the project for free or pay whatever you want, 50% of it will be going to Cancer research. The relentless murderer known as Cancer has taken many lives and all the work that can go towards it is much needed, it has recently taken Donna Summer and Robin Gibbs and won't stop there. Peace to Starchild for sharing part of his life and helping a good cause.

Goose Damns These 'Changes' Ft. TheMedley by Randy Ortiz

Oh word? Orlando bringing some more good music to WGM! New to us Goose sent his latest and first single off his incoming (summer) mixtape 'Inebriated' with a mesmerizing hook by TheMedley, this track got heart to it and the sounds crazy courtesy of TapeDeckEra. Check the video below and download the track above. Peace to the FL folks and keep em coming! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIyDgn_XL8k[/youtube]