Aliceffekt's Ten Axitecture is Composed Joy

What once was a side project to accompany his art, Devine Lu Linvega focused in creating imaginative worlds to get lost in as Aliceffekt. Faint audio touches in Ten Axitecture add a ethereal soundscape where the mind finds itself maneuvering around not trying to find it’s way out but find a comfortable stopping point and relish in the sound. I enjoyed this album a great deal and can appreciate what Aliceffekt has presented, the only thing I would comment on as a minus is the uncanny way that all 4 songs sound the same. It didn’t bother me much but I found myself checking the track name a few times when playing it to make sure I was in the same track or if it progressed to the next. As a sole piece it works well, I can tell it was crafted with care and thought but the track progression is so incredibly seamless that it can actually distract to see where you’re at. Do not regret getting this at all and will continue to look out for his new releases.

Randy Ortiz