Bad Platano Juega: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Let me talk to you guys about my homie Bad Platano.
He's a dope Dominican graphic designer/photographer and is also completely hilarious in these Let's Play videos. El Matatan matando con su blamblam!
His content is in Spanish with english sprinkled around and is truly funny to watch regardless if a language barrier is present (pssst learn Spanish), his presentation is on point and continues to innovate. A good deal of gamers skimp on the level of quality in their content and gladly Bad Platano is the complete opposite. Sometimes he becomes part of the motion that's going on in the videos, side jokes galore and is definitely funny to hear him mess around.
In this Let's Play he shoots it up in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and loots all he can while being a trip the entire time. Te jodiste Juan!

Keep an eye out here for more Bad Platano, I'll be posting all his upcoming videos and obviously be sure to subscribe to his channel!