Becoming a Fan Again

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit and something had me thinking the entire time, which had me writing less than before but it’s for the best going forward. I wasn’t enjoying music and posting like I did before and immediately thought “oh no, is this my wall?” I let the thought marinate and while I did, I listened to various artists (including the ones that emailed me) and found myself happily listening to a bunch of music. Why? What was the difference? Truly wasn’t thinking about what I was going to write about while I listened to the music, I was ears deep into songs and loving every bit it.

It’s been a tremendous gift and a curse that I can think of sentences to write while I’m still at the beginning of an album, while it makes great for a post it also takes me away from the natural impression and essence of the song/album. So what to do eh? Well since I enjoyed becoming a fan again so damn much, I’m going to subdue the posting importance so that the music is front and center in importance and THEN I’ll think about what to write. It seems simple but was nerve wrecking while coming to this conclusion because of all the work I’ve put into this site. No, it does not mean I’ll stop posting nor does it mean that I’ll post less, it means that the music is and will always be more important than immediately thinking of what to write. You see, music is something that you can’t sometimes put into words so you have to do your best to convey what emotion or sound it’s like and that is what ultimately matters to me.

This is more of an inner working than something you’ll see or perhaps not even notice but I wanted to share this regardless. There are a few more things I have to write about soon but always know that when it comes to music. It’s less about the technical aspect and more on what it does to your soul and body, that’s how it feels right to me and always glad there’s support for it. For that I thank you all.

Now go on and git... go listen to something good!