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WGM: New York Comic Con Part 1

WGM hopped to NYC and went to the ridiculously awesome and addicting Comic Con then we snagged some dope pics on the toys front, it was the pre-show event so we got some good shots in before the floor was open to the general public. Here we got some upcoming Godzilla figures (S.H. Monsters) from Bandai, Gears of War figure and an awesome Locust Drone statue! Also some amazing shots from the new Batman Arkham City figures coming soon, yes i know... they are drool worthy.Stay turned as we got a lot coming up and even some video, let the craziness begin!!!



Curbside Jones and "The Cherry Blossom Effect"

Curbside Jones latest release brings the the good bass boomin and exudes asian influence in visuals/sound. This is a journey into parts of Jones life while twisting and morphing into different sounds, the album with have you head nodding after the spoken word intro which also shows another interesting side of Curb. From what I know the dude likes him some video games and geek culture, it's great to hear good music come out of someone surrounded by the good stuff. Usually it comes out sounding forced (Nerd-core) and barely relatable to regular Hip-Hop lovers and gamers alike, maybe it's ok to the WoW folks... no offense haha. I can't honestly pinpoint where I think the album is coming from because it seems as if the songs were placed together and not really part of a bigger overall picture... but that's ok. I do like the random feel to it and don't think the album should be dismissed because said randomness, it definitively has a stylized characteristic to it and further proves that there is more to Hip-Hop than your typical boom bap emcee. I do look forward to any future albums/tracks Jones may release I just wish it made more sense to me regardless of how much I enjoyed it... then again he did say it was going to be confusing so I guess he did right by it. Also putting in work himself into the beat department, he produced more than half of the album which is still impressive to see nowadays. Art doesn't always have to make sense or get total approval from everyone but this album has gained mine. I liked his previous album "Bum Life" more than "The Cherry Blossom Effect" but I can safely recommend this download to all folks with an open ear and mind as Curbside Jones has something good to offer in the end.

WGM x theOneCam Recap of American International Toy Fair 2011 Podcast

Check out the mini podcast of theOneCam and I giving you guys a quick recap of what went down with us on American International Toy Fair at the Javitz last week. Sidenote... this is my first minicast folks! There will be more coming up with original topics that WGM is known for.

If you guys rather hear and see all the pics we took at the Toy Fair, check the visual minicast after the jump.

American International Toy Fair 2011 Tri

So this year's Toy Fair comes to a close and also met some great people along the way, it was a great first experience for theOneCam and I. The talent that was there besides the big companies was strong and full of original styles. The last batch of photos below will be some awesome (if I say so myself) macro closeups of NECA figures, Lion-O, South Park, Gremlins, Bleach, Metal Gear Solid, Walking Dead, Bioshock, and a few others more. Hope you have enjoyed all the images we put up, till next year American International Toy Fair!!

Boothin at American International Toy Fair Part 1

Today TheOneCam and I had the pleasure of having a table at this year's American International Toy Fair at the Jacob Javitz in the Creative Factor hosted by Brett Klisch. We had a good amount of people stopping by to pay us a visit and also checked some of the other figures out including some prototypes. Check out some of the figures that were there, I will post part 2 comes tomorrow. If you're part of the Toy Industry come pay us a visit at booth 4828!!