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UZ-mix to Gia's Only A Girl

So we've heard of Gia's 'Only a Girl' track and while not bad... Mr trap UZ releases his remix to it and damn, just damn. You can feel that bass in your throat bumpin, it sounds clean and strong. Really liking this remix, I usually can't really go thru most trap and want to skip a few and he manages to get me every time and listen to it all. Good shit.

Be sure to listen to his 4 track 'Frontier' EP also. 

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Plue Starfox 2ue Dope

New Orleans galactic funk cadet Plue Starfox recently uploaded some chill audio vibes that'll lower the sun in a sea of purples and vibrant reds while yellow dances over and under it. The track of Jhene's Lament [ Comfort Inn Ending ] is a re-up of bass dopeness while 9002 let's it float to the top in the best way possible. The beatmaster got em for days and these two tracks are on straight repeat right now soooooo... YUP. Oh yeah, first ever animated header post on WGM goes to the dude! Enjoy the tunes below.

Moombahton Massive IX EP

MBIX_CvrSchlachthofbronx, Sabo, and Nadastrom have just put together a 3 tracks piece to celebrate their 3 city (Washington DC, Brooklyn, Miami) and... it... bangs. Short and sweet at 9 minutes and some change but never underestimate the power of bass, this'll have you cranking the volume higher and higher as it plays. Below are the dates of their shows, enjoy!

Jan 22nd at U-Hall, Washington DC Jan 23rd at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY Jan 24th at Grand Central, Miami