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WGM: New York Comic Con Part 3

We got some greats popping up on Part 3 of our NY Comic Con figure coverage, Spiderman, Superman, Spawn and The Ghostbusters along with The Flash Gundam and a Giant Ugly Doll. Not sure what's going on with that Flash (I Don't follow it) but it's looking kinda funky there, I kinda like it but that MPH looking emblem is def weird. Superman is doning his 'New 52' costume and I'm digging it some, the cape coming out of the outfit is way better and I don't mind the V-shaped wrists as much as I thought, although he does look slightly more asian (Oh Jim Lee...) than what we are all used to. The Gundam figures are looking sharp as hell and make me want to buy them then stack 'em up in this assembly-looking lineup. Spawn is looking awesome in that figure with his iconic cape craziness, and they got Spiderman chilling as usual while the minis battle Venom and Lizard. A childhood favorite of mines stay relevant somehow in this digital age, The Ghostbusters have what it takes to move from one generation to another as proven with the release of these figures in 2011, oh yeah VIGOOOOO the Carpathian!     

NYPD Brutality OUTSIDE of the Pete Rock/Smif-N-Wessun Show

[youtube][/youtube]Yes use your power to administer and enforce rules to make sure the PEACE is kept. No you shouldn't start clubbing people like savage neanderthals just because you want them to leave or talked to you. NYPD this isn't your first rodeo and won't be your last but your violent clownishness must STOP if you want to keep any respect left from the people you are supposed to be serving. This act of goon-ism is disgusting and those involved should be ashamed of themselves, especially getting word that it was a peaceful event inside. Apparently they stormed in clubs at hand wanting people to leave the venue after a fight broke outside, why not just take care of the altercation where it's happening then restore order? Yeah some folks act wrong sometimes but that is also why you're there... to protect and serve not to club and abuse. Peace to Rock The Dub for the posting.

Los Petardos - (OK) Lo Ineludible Video

[youtube][/youtube] The awesome Garage Surf Punk is coming to NYC and ready to celebrate the modern day jibaro with a new video for '(Ok) Lo Ineludible'' which happens to be one of my favorite tracks off their EP. Gotta love the video, it makes me want to go back to Puerto Rico... real Puerto Rico not the tourist sections. A great look and tropical vibe created by Karlo X. Ramos.

A Night With Charlie Sheen Mixtape

A Night With Charlie Sheen is something WGM put together and thought on sharing because of the interesting recent downward spiral of said actor. We have in no way any association or friendship with the man, but decided it would be interesting to play out what we think a night with him would sound like.

Hope you enjoy and may Mr. Sheen get better... somehow, below is the tracklist and SHARE, SHARE, SHAAAARE.

Download: WGM Presents A Night With Charlie Sheen Mixtape

Tyler Is Going to Have A Bright Odd Future

I just caught up with the Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats performance (after the jump) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... I gotta say that I'm mega proud of these dudes. As sick or demented as you think they are, the music is good and they do their own work which is even better. This brings me back to when I first saw Tyler post on the HypeBeast Forums telling us to DL the first OF tape and to go fuck ourselves while calling everyone whatever derogatory name he can think of. He got a groups attention (including mine) in that forum and we saw Odd Future pretty much grow and make dope Hip-Hop while everyone just looked and shook their heads at them. I wonder what made people even care about them now when they are still making the same type of music they were a couple of years ago??

It's great that they have a cult of fans and all this media press, I just think some people are leeching onto them now and are the same people that dismissed them before. As of maybe half a year now there has been an incredible amount of attention on them out of nowhere which is surprising, it also makes me skeptical on who's behind most of it and why or when did the higher ups in music/media decided to throw em a bone. Is it really time to reveal this type of music to the popular media? I dunno... they are also the same one's that buy Drake and Lil Wayne, this is on a totally different level. I for one am totally supportive of Tyler and his Odd Future gang, just hope the world is finally ready for their vision.

Odd Future stay OFWGKTA, never mind these scenesters and "cool" hipsters by your side they eventually fall off anyways.

Check out Tyler and Hodgy on Jimmy Fallon: [youtube width="600" height="360"][/youtube]