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Do You Take Tokes?

The above video is an interesting mini-documentary on the potential progress dealing with cryptocurrency Tokes (TKS) in the cannabis industry and the financial hurdles/risks currently happening. The currency serves as a form of payment and merchant gateway for tracking and regulatory reporting. From what they’ve shown and how passionate their community is, I think it’s perfect for dispensaries looking to track inventory, employees, sales and accept crypto in one system. I support the legalization and regulation of cannabis in medical and recreational form and feel this is a huge step towards the right path in furthering the positive effects of the plant.

Tokes runs on the Waves platform.

Vice's Shane Smith & The Mexican Mormon War has had a fantastic mean streak of documenting and journalism on extremely interesting issues and problems that affect many of us. One of their latest videos shows Shane Smith of Vice in Mexico as he reports on the Mexican drug cartels and their clashes with the Mormons in Colonial Juarez. This is extremely fascinating and I congratulate Vice for taking risks in journalism to report what's going on. To see more of their documentary pieces go here.

Snoop Do... err Lion, Leaving Gats For HIM?

In an unexpected but understandable move Snoop Dog is no longer, now stands Snoop Lion and that's all good but there are a few things I want to talk about. Having stayed in Jamaica recently Calvin Broadus had an experience or awakening to the Rastafarian way of life, which then transformed his old gun totin' and capitalizing on violence self into an uplifting and peaceful new person. While I applaud any artist or person willing to reinvent themselves and seek a higher calling spiritually or by way of religion, there might be things which cause doubt and conflict in his new reasoning and transformation. The announcement of his new album might seem a little too soon due to the drastic change of ideals and lack of instant knowledge, but it can be labeled as journaling your experience as you learn and grow which is fine. One thing that bothered me was him self referencing himself as "Bob Marley reincarnated" and don't think it will be appreciated by many Marley followers if you're coming off saying you are the new version of a legend, it just doesn't sit well overall for me but am open and welcome change so I'll wait to give a real verdict later as Snoop's new life unfolds.

On a positive note... the internal growth of a man is necessary and many music artists stay stuck on their selfish and short fuse teenage attitude, it's nice to see Snoop Lion say he is tired of that life and way of thinking. Have I ever been a fan of his music? Very much so and in the beginning of his career which can be considered his most violent, but that was a different time and inhabits a different space of appreciation for me. To realize you need change for self and to actually go thru and do something about it isn't easy at all, I have been on a similar path of change and it's no cake walk so major points go to Snoop for that. I honestly hope that his new vision/life flame doesn't get diminished once he returns to the music industry reality and stands ground with his new beliefs because it's no game when you change your way of life to a radical departure of your old self. Do I think it's all some marketing ploy? Somewhat due to the reasons I mentioned but I will reserve harsh and quick judgement to the higher powers and will continue to watch as Lion takes place.

As I watched the trailer for the upcoming documentary that coincides with the experience Snoop had in Jamaica, I had the feeling that it was just a calmer and laid back rap video. Sinsemilla filled many shots (no bible study clips) in the trailer and there were no hoes and liquor pouring to be found, show the real deal before you get to the puffing tho. While I do understand the importance and have no issues with the using of certain elements to bring you closer, I think it was shown too much in a trailer that deals with a major life change regardless if it's Snoop (King Toker) but that's just me. The documentary will be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival September 7th and be sure to watch the trailer above. Diplo (Major Lazer) will be producing his upcoming 'Reincarnated' (no date) album on Vice Recordings, they have their new single titled "La La La" which features a strictly Reggae sound and will be what the rest of the album is going to sound like. Yep he's "tired of rap" and is on the Reggae tip, the track is enjoyable but the new accent and vibe is kinda off. I wish him much luck in his new venture of life and all positive wishes to his inner mind, for when growth is necessary and steps are taken all good things happen.

Let Navegante Take You

This one is for the kids of the night... recently visited the world of Navegante which is filled with an evolving  platform full of energetic electro sounds, drums, LED's (Chris), and dancing people all around. Their music will have you wanting to hit the streets and let loose, it's just that type of atmosphere where it's about the music and nothing else. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jean Shepard (Vocals) and Washington Duke (Drums) bring a genre melting pot of latin, bass, electric, funk and dance which there is no doubt in my mind that it's been well received. Legends such as David Byrne and Carlos Santana also have positive things to say about them and the press has been digging the bumpin duo just like us. Below is a docusode on Navegante and their sound by MyArtistDNA, check it out and let us know what you think of the group, also drop them a line on Twitter and tell em wassup!


They have a free EP out that sounds great and gives you a good idea of what's to come but seems a bit subdued after watching/hearing their awesome lively (gotta see that in person) performances on their Facebook page. Regardless it's a great welcome to their sound so DL it here and follow their movement like we do as well. Their full-length album is being co-produced by Jimmy Douglass (The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin) and will be released first half of 2011. Can't wait to check them out live!

Jon Mercure's "Coming Home"

[youtube][/youtube]This is a mini-doc on the New Orleans native Jon Mercure and his mission going back to New Orleans. Having spent the summer in NYC and returning to New Orleans he wants to bring something worth back to the folks that need it. Recently released project "Surrender To Win" has that good feeling Hip-Hop feel to it, and it being mostly self-produced is equally impressive. This project has been out for a bit (late Feb. 2011) but Jon is new to WGM, look forward to hearing more from him with his future projects. Peep the "Coming Home" track below and DL the album today! [audio: JM_CH.mp3]

Download: Jon Mercure - Surrender To Win