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Aleph Vol. 1 Melts the Shader off your face (Good thing)

All I see and hear is bass heavy and grimy electronic glitches everywhere... I love it.
It's like Aleph turned life turned into a big continuous scene of dripping pixels with a constant sense of power and textures it's sound. Yeah fucking awesome. Some of it also reminds me of the 90's UK jungle music movement like Goldie's 'Temper Temper' in Goliath with it's heavy bass and industrial sound. Everything is complex and full of life. Trust when I say you should buy this (9/8/17) and have a listen below, you'll see what I mean...

From Alpha Pup:
The ALEPH project is a reflection of the heavily textured aesthetic found in today's electronic music, and exists as the evolution of the previous bass music incarnation known as Prophet. Where much of mankind's history in the exploration and study of music lies in the evolution of melody and harmony, the ALEPH project seeks to explore the nature of sound itself. When ideas are left unbound by dogma and tradition, the base concept of music blurs and breaks, yet foundations still lay within the wreckage of the old. ALEPH Vol. 1 seeks to capture this aesthetic, in both texture, experimentation, and raw power.
Solomon was a once great king whose legacy was forever tarnished by sin. The track of the same name was inspired by the fall from grace while in a position of power, and the devastating effects that can have. Goliath was the giant who conquered all in his path with his pure might and only fell due to his own arrogance. The song representing Goliath attempts to capture this fury with the simple yet heavy handed saw bass. "Monolith" represents a change in form, from a slow pounding rhythm, to a more complex percussive force, inspired by the stone that enlightened the Neanderthals in Arthur C. Clark's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
"Scintillations" is an even more complex song furthering this evolution, changing time signatures multiple times and meshing rhythm and bass with melody. "Lull" seeks to lure the listener into a trance, carefully changing its rhythm under the trembling bass and dust covered wind chimes. "Isalot" returns to the broken beats with a droning dull siren, exposing the forced imperfection of time and tone one can forge in electronic music.  The evil spirit calls us back to the past, with archaic rave stabs, but modern power.  
This project attempts to follow the change of form that music takes as the countless musicians of the past have shaped its previous incarnations, and attempts to explore what the future might hold, while still holding onto the lessons of old.

WVM The Echoing

There's something special to me about this video and I think I found what it is... it's a feeling of belonging I think. Perhaps it's WVM's sound which reminds me of the 90's, NIN (Chris Vrenna and Josh Freese are on this track) and Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals or Holy Wood along with the ever-present hacking and underground tech society at that time. It was one of those seeking knowledge times where it shaped part of who I am and why I question things, needless to say it's important to me and it was the boom of computers at that time as well. I really like the sound because it's familiar while still being new. I drifted... So the guys at Shining Dark Productions contacted WVM to create a video for 'The Echoing' and months later (with no creative input by the artist) made a very cool video. It fits the sound extremely well and the framing overall is great, well done guys! You can also listen and buy the EP that this song is featured in below.

Stumbleine's Spiderwebbed

Bristol artist Stumbleine has poured some good chill into his latest upcoming (Oct. 29, 2012) album "Spiderwebbed", it sounds like a wondrous hazy dream and is a great sedative that will have you 'laxing in no time. There are certain electronic artists that try and attempt to make this glittery emotional and sometimes alienating electronic music but end coming up flat and uninspiring, what Stumbleine ends up with in this album is an interesting and captivating Electronic RnB type of sound. It transports you to a mixture of enveloping sounds that seems like it was lifted off the dream soundtrack from ten people, different spaces in time and at equal time the same. I don't normally write about music like this because of the reason mentioned before but I truly enjoyed this album, it has a good mix of two or three music genres with great balance. I am new to the UK artist so this is a great first impression to base my opinion on, also serves to show where he can go besides his experimental dubstep contribution to the Swarms. When vocals kick in on 'Fade Into You' it adds a good level of softness that is in no way distracting or a glaring annoyance, it enhances the track and carries it well into a beautiful chill wave waterfall of sounds. It's no mystery that it takes a specific talent to create songs of this type and Stumbleine has it, the "Glo-Fi" as he calls it will expand and change your thought as to what electronic music of this nature is doomed to sound like. It's that feel good music that I can't get enough of and why should you? The further you expand your sounds, the more you can appreciate different rhythms and genres. You can pre-order the album on Monotreme Records site, there are different packages so make sure to note which one you select. Listen below for a preview of the album.

M.I.S. Went 'Politico'

M.I.S. is back and this time there's change for the better with the addition of an actual band in his music, another plus that creates a more genuine sound to 'Politico'. This album features a rambuncious jumping plethora of sounds and lyrics that touch base on the current state of his native Mexico, where a vast amount of hurt and force is playing out and it's gotten thru to Mexican Institute of Sound. Politico still has the quirkiness that Lara is known for and builds upon that with serious words reflecting how he feels the government is being run and what's happening now. So not only has he created another winner sound wise, this time there's more message in his delivery and it speaks loud volumes. Still mixing a part of old Mexico and modern bass of hip shaking fun that's always present, he's stepped to a higher plane with more meaning and STILL can get the people jumping with ease. I've always appreciated the way he can juke you around with different paces and intricate touches that set the mood for each track. You can feel the outdoor party vibe as you listen thru this album and envision tons of people moving and dancing thru the night, for me... that's always a win. Laying out everything from chip tune to folk, cumbia, a real band and that infectious bass, this is an album you can slap the 'phones on or bump in a party and it's a guaranteed crowd shaker. I don't think it's fair for me to pick favorites, there's so much to hear in these 14 tracks that you won't care to pick a favorite because your too busy enjoying the ride. I highly recommend this album for anyone that wants to enjoy music that will get you thinking and at the same time let you get down with it, M.I.S. took a Giant step in a lyrical sense and it still works with his original formula. Buy... it... now.