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Black Sabbath for the Kids?

Now that our family trilogy is complete (3 boys), I have many thoughts and concerns in shaping them to be the best we can help it. Beyond the regular life lessons and issues that might come up, I worry err… wonder when is the best time to share a few select bands with my 8yr old. Now keep in mind not all kids are the same and some either advance a bit faster or slower than usual, there might be certain things that you can introduce where it can enhance their mind and help development of their imagination. So with that being said, I would like to introduce Black Sabbath to our oldest at some time. Yes I know what you’re thinking, I also know that and that last thing you thought about the horns and all. 

Why do I want to show my son this band that has managed to be the soundtrack to many folks nightmares? Because they are one of the greats, highly atmospheric and he can handle it, or so I think he will be able to soon. He is now at the stage of loving different types of music and is currently listening to Weezer, Daft Punk, The Beatles, Imagine Dragon, Mega Ran, chip tune tracks and a bunch of other songs that are slightly higher than what would normally be for his age. I just have to make sure that there’s a clear defined line when it comes to lyrics and imagery, that’s one of the main problems now with listeners that take lyrics or band portrayal a bit more serious than just entertainment. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the “why all the demons/devil?” in order to make sure that it isn’t being taken for granted and praised for the wrong reason.

The right steps have to be taken for a young mind to not be warped or grown in a healthy manner. I am being highly cautious on what is shown or agreed with so it’s very important to me that my kids are grown mentally before being exposed to anything not of age. As a parent it’s a daily thought that whatever my little ones are exposed to, can be handled in a responsible manner to not stunt their mind and THEN I'll introduce the many greats. I honestly can’t wait to bring them to their first concerts.
If you are a parent, what can’t you wait to introduce to your kids?

Lil Giant In NASA

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls Today my son aka Lil Giant is hitting the skies to visit one of the coolest places on earth, NASA. It's a magical place and one that many kids and some adults dreams are made of, I feel incredibly lucky that my son is going to get to see an actual launch (Soyuz 38) from mission control. Before he went to bed last night I gave him a whole speech about how great this is and that he should be aware how his blessings have brought him to go on this trip, after all that he was even more hyped to take that flight and I was even happier. Something that seemed or even now seems that far away can be as close as the person next to you and once you realize how special something like this is, that's when you tally up another one for the blessings list. The hits keep on coming and I can only stay in awe on how things work out and happen, life is a wonderful movie so learn how to sit quietly and watch the characters because that's where the magic is. I'm insanely proud of my son and this trip will only further enhance his thirst of knowledge and growth. Family is key.

What's Going On Dominican Republic?!

Image courtesy of WGMeetsToday is a bit saddening... I've been reading a good deal of DR news and media issues going around recently, unfortunately it seems that Dominican Republic is in need of some major society help and restructuring now more than ever. It doesn't help that there's a poverty issue as well, the youth concentrate on materialistic ideals and certain media personalities are acting a fool publicly. Couple these issues in with lack of knowledge in certain instances and you can have a major problem with delinquency, energy spent on the wrong things and shameful portrayals in the media. It truly makes me sad to see this unfolding because it's a beautiful country and I know my Dominicans are better than this. We tend to be a bit loud and usually ready to party but in the end you will find people who are kind, honest, family oriented and always willing to help someone. Certain family ideals are being tossed out the window because money is at dire need, dishonest (muggings, robbery, drugs) work is rampant at an alarming rate from what I keep seeing/reading... but where do you go and make things better? More and more kids are hitting the streets with horrible (if any) schooling and bad intentions, I think it might be wise to concentrate on getting thru to them before we try the adults. Corruption in government isn't new especially in the Dominican Republic but with strong young voices in positive action, I think things can start to turn around for the better and much of the crime can turn towards a productive future which can disseminate throughout the country. Yes the adults are the ones in positions to dictate but the youth can truly make a change as it seems they are in control of society right now, the problem is that the older folk (set in their ways) just wrap it up with "damn kids messing everything up" but don't help or see why they do it. I am vowing to do my part to help with what I can from the US to the country I love so much and care about, I will be looking up resources to get something started over there for a brighter day for kids as they are the ones that will govern in the future.

If anyone has any information that would prove beneficial to this cause, please email us with it and hopefully less misguided youths stay in the streets. If you are an organization or group interested in collaborating feel free to inform us about your company or movement.

Latinoamérica Still Shines with Calle 13

[youtube][/youtube]I wanted to share with my Giants a video of Calle 13 and their beautiful dedication to preserving the history and culture of Latinos. This passion for self-culture applies to all other countries not just Latinoamérica, I wanted to show this one as it's the best and most recent example I can show on modern cultural preservation and betterment.We live in odd difficult times now, be it economic or mental stresses that overtake our society which brings the unfortunate cultural crumble little by little. Society mindsets and changes constantly rolling in, eventually some lose themselves in the process and it's noticeable now more than ever amongst latino youth, in my opinion... of course. Some are proud yet don't know where we come from, they wave our flags up high yet can't talk the language, quick to defend their country yet can't say why they love it nor bother going to it. It's sad to see these hollow infatuations and knowing they don't try to preserve it at all while feeding the consumerist machine as their history perishes. Yes, there is a good amount which are more enthralled with their families past/culture than their own parents and those are the shining stars that can and will continue to pass along the rich and beautiful cultures we love. Calle 13 has been one of those shedding light on our past for a good while and those whom affect our countries negatively. I honestly didn't think they were going to be relaying important messages after I heard their 'Atrévete-te-te' song but their lyrics and stance on defending our people is at an all time high of importance and with much love, it chokes you up seeing the different faces of your people and the hardship they go thru while still holding their chest out proud of who they are. There is a line in the song that goes "Este pueblo no se ahoga con marullos, Y si se derrumba yo lo reconstruyo", it roughly translates to 'This town doesn't drown with big waves, and if it crumbles I will reconstruct it' letting it be known that nothing can stop us. We all as proud people (all over) should learn a little from this and have pride on our backgrounds and true history for we are the ones that are responsible to keep our histories alive.

A Moment In Family

So last weekend we threw a bridal shower for my niece, it came out great and everyone gave her many gifts. While I took photos I couldn't help but think how grown my nieces and nephews are now. I remember when this niece was a thirsty baby and how she used to yell "colate mayooon!!" (chocolate biberon) which translates to chocolate baby bottle haha! But times have changed and now she's is getting married... wow how time flies. Cheers to love, life and the family that my niece will go on and have.