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Oh Ye Can't Be Careless

There's one thing that has always personally bothered me, the ease in which we throw people away if they don't meet or disagree with our views and expectations. In this case I'm going to concentrate on mental health, Kanye's situation and his album, I do like the album and think there are messages within if you can just see beyond the flash. Life isn't fair, we all know this and know people will never be completely happy with you no matter how much they praise you, also if and when you do something that misaligns, be ready for it. As a creative you're constantly battling your talent, ego, people opinions, your wants, needs, expectations and what you're getting paid for, it's one hell of a ride and not many know it or aren't prepared to openly face and embrace it. This is also not a write-up to excuse the disgusting or horrific things some people might say when going thru issues as well, there is no easy way to tackle this so caution and care is needed.

As a Dominican-American husband, brother, son and father of 3 boys, in my personal experience one thing that is barely addressed in Latin culture and as a man is mental health. Any sort of emotional crack in a mans character or softness is seen as a flaw or as some like to brashly call it... being a pussy. I know there are many other cultures that do the same when it comes to men speaking how they feel because why the hell would you let someone know that shit is tough sometimes right? Well we should. If you create music, paint, design, or flat out going through tough times, you damn well know how close you can be pushed to tears then potentially scraping it all away and not feel like doing anything at all. Life isn't that simple and only a select few will understand, it can (not always) create a permanent in our work but some of us know just how to push past it. Doesn't mean it's easy tho.

We as a society and certain music fans specifically need to open up their mind to more than surface lyrics and a good beat. One reason why I personally think artists like Lil Uzi, Trippie Redd, Famous Dex and other younger rappers are growing in popularity is due to their emotional side that explodes with anger, fuck you attitude and want. Why? Because we aren't listening to the kids, we dismiss them as crazy, not normal and they found someone that understands or makes them feel like family. Sometimes the music flows perfectly with the emotions they give out, it's not just about lyrics and more about how you feel. Music can carry heavy emotion and not about just what type of medium you chose to create it in, not what brand of paint or which drum you chose, folks are having a hard time understanding that from what I've seen.

Now let's come back to Kanye.
He's said things that I completely disapprove of, are extremely hurtful and really feel he's gone through horrible mental battles which now includes him being bipolar and it needs to be addressed. I see his open-minded positive message clearly but what he sometime speaks on can disrupt the entire mission, not sure if it's just or a combo of mental health and speaking before thinking. He's dealing with these issues how he knows best, by making music and throwing his self into it. It's been met with tons criticism which should always be the case but people are not focusing on the message nor trying to understand what's going on inside a person. Dismissing albums at a surface level is one of the worst things you can do in Hip-Hop when soo much is dependent on lyrics, sound and feeling. We are not to play judge, god or that horrible thing called "tastemaker" yet we have a right to our opinion and have it respected no matter how positive or negative it may be. 

My problem with all this is that many aren't opening themselves up to what the world might be trying to show or give them, yet they heavily focus on canceling someone like an app instead of figuring out what the hell they are talking about or why. This goes beyond Kanye but he's the most recent example that has drastically divided the music community, I wish everyone the best and love for all yet can't stand to sit by and watch soo much divide us when it should be talked about and expressed without judgement. 

Someone didn't agree with you? Hurt you? Confused you? Angered you? Shocked you? Talk about it and stop thinking things revolve around what you think or are.

The world is vast and so are our troubles n' triumphs, everyone has a story and I hope you care enough to see what that is. Mental health is extremely important and please acknowledge the need to notice it or get help. Life is an amazing array of colors that make all of us into who we are, let's continue to shine together regardless of disagreements. I applaud folks like Kanye where they had to notice something is going on internally and are willing to share it while still not knowing how it'll end.


Maya Angelou Will Forever Sing

Damn... such a beautiful mind taken from us. She helped thrive our minds and nourish our hearts with the warmth of a mother, made us brave and fight for what was right. People like her come once a blue moon in an era, it's incredibly heartbreaking to hear the news that she has passed. This sucks but we have to learn how to listen to our inner being so that we in turn become better people and help minds flourish like she did. Rest in peace.

The True Marvel

The hours have been long and you don't know what's up from down some days. That's the craziness of life but also know that if you never truly seek the good balance you deserve, you'll be stuck in limbo, forever traversing the clouds and drowning with what if's and fear waves. Never mind all that. Life's too short to stay upset or hung up over things, learn how to pass as the clouds do while climbing to the top. Achievements won't unlock themselves, you must put in work.

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R.I.P. Monkey Black

Monkey Black, a young emcee from the Dominican Republic who in certain ways bought a playful element to DR Hip-Hop and was as unapologetic as can be about where he came from was stabbed to death in Spain yesterday. Too soon and too young like all,  MB definitely was growing more in his craft and incredibly sad to hear this happened to one so young.There's way to much violence in this world and it's taking our youth bit by bit. For those that play the violence game to gain respect or "cred" please stop, it's not worth it and you're stepping into a world that you really rather not play in. When 'El Sol Y La Playa' came out, it instantly became a summer anthem in DR and obviously here in certain areas. Sure he heavily used auto-tune but overall it was catchy as hell so it stuck.

May the sun shine a bit longer for MB and those in the same game realize where it can lead to... if you let it.

Stay Giant.

Such a Lovely… Suicide Note?!

0-E0FxOlfyvhuWN8f9In my (insert astronomical number) listen to Mercedes Sosa’s cover of ‘Gracias A La Vida,’ I decided to see exactly who created this masterpiece of a song. It’s the creation of Chilean great Violeta Parra whom was a base for the reinvention of folk music in Chile, which then the reach of her ‘Chile’s New Song’ (Nueva Canción Chilena) spread to the world over. Further reading into Violeta’s history filled with culture, music and political meaning, she ended up committing suicide (after a previously failed attempt) due to episodes of loneliness, political differences in her country and mostly the separation from her husband Gilbert Favre. Before that happened she made two songs that will forever resonate with her tragic end, both were ‘Run Run Se Fue pal Norte’ where she speaks on her husband leaving and ‘Gracias A La Vida’ a celebration of life and/or suicide note. They say ‘Gracias A La Vida’ might have been her last thank you note to life before committing suicide and celebrating what it has given her but at the same time a mirrored twist to what pain she felt and how the new part of her life was playing out. At first listen you think “wow what poetry and beautiful lyrics,” but insert a little real life and it can take a totally different meaning. I still think this song is one of the best life celebratory lyrics given ever regardless of what it might truly be about, thank you Violeta Parra for giving us such beauty amongst the pain.

“Cuando miro el fruto del cerebro humano, Cuando miro al bueno tan lejos del malo.”

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