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A Grand Memorial for Russian Circles

RC_MI'm mad that I sort of wrote these guys off in the beginning and immensely happy that I'm enjoying their sounds now. This entire album is one smooth, aggressive and moving experience after another, it calms you at the start assuring you it'll be ok then 'Deficit' throws you off a jagged cliff into the cold dead waters. It becomes your soundtrack and you see yourself surrounded by a world created within this album and then '1777' plays, a beautiful melodic piece that I've had on repeat more times that I probably should haha. Constantly running guitars and drums that you wouldn't think twice on doubting their skill, it's best to talk about what it sounds like because music is about emotion and 'Memorial' is full of deep falls, dark hues and cold weather. I'm not going to get into what type of Metal this is and start labeling or creating sub-genres for a band like Russian Circles but I will say that 'Memorial' has quite a few different sounds that takes it away from being any kind of typical album. This album has a beautiful dissociative identity disorder and it works to its benefit as it shows the musical range for the band. 'Memorial' is just a little over 37 minutes but while you're in it, that doesn't matter because of how easy all the songs transition into the next while being completely different beasts at the same time. I highly recommend this album for anyone that love music with some bite to it, Russian Circles latest is unequivocally WGM approved. The album drops October 29th, you can also listen to three tracks below and hear why this has quickly become a personal favorite.

The End Is Only the Beginning for WVM

Well this is a long overdue (cause I'm impatient) EP from WVM before he releases his album on the estimated Feb. 2013. I stumbled upon his Kickstarter on October 2011 and decided to support the artist because of what I heard and came out impressed with where his music was featured, with the bits and pieces being released up to this EP I have high hopes for the album and all involved. There are certain people contributing to this EP and album that caught my eye and those are Chris Vrenna (NIN, M. Manson) and Josh Freese (NIN, DEVO, Perfect Circle), me being a NIN and M. Manson fan before he went Holy Wood, it was an instant peak of interest. Freese drums and WVM vocals goes great together, at first I didn't think the voice of WVM would be ok with the semi electronic sound but no doubts now. The EP has that awesome static electronic punch I haven't enjoyed in a while, a crystal clear indication that this guy knows what he's doing and I'm not worried at all about the outcome of the album. You can buy this EP and pre-order his album on Bandcamp now, if you want to try before you buy then below is a stream of WVM's EP. This is an independent release and not some label behind it, just a lot of work, talent, love and fans involved.

Single Second Fall 2011 Out Now

The Giant homies Single Second from up north have just unleashed their Fall 2011 collection and is available for purchase starting December 2, 2011 aka today. The brand has consistently grown and matured with each season and things are looking pretty good for them with the Fall line. Check below for more images and head on over to their shop to purchase some Heathen gear.


National Metal Day: How I Got Into Metal

Today, November 11, 2011 is National Metal Day and I would like to celebrate it by sharing how I got into listening to this glorious hair thrashing, loud, riff-filled and awesome genre. The place... Washington Irving High School in NYC, I was a young buck who got into graffiti freshman year and nothing else mattered (so I thought), it was all Hip-Hop all the time for me. By1994 Green Day reared it's head with 'Dookie' along the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and all that stuff, at that moment it wasn't enough for me to pay attention and thought it was pretty horrible in general. A bit closed minded yes but then again I was 16 and had limited exposure to music, but then in 1996 a crazy acid dropping, semi-violent friend of ours (let's call him Jonathan, cause that's his name) said "hey check this shit... man it's BUGGED OUT!!" He hands me a copy of White Zombie's 'Supersexy Swingin' Sounds' and I toss it right back at him telling him I'm not listening to this "shitty rock album with a stupid name" and mentioned something about rock being devil worshiping music. [youtube][/youtube]

Batman (we called him that, dunno why) kept pushing the album on me, then I finally gave in and had a listen on my AIWA portable CD player, I was surprised at how much I liked it and the feverish craving I had for more after just one listen. He goes on for about 5 minutes on a 'I told you so' rampage and tells me of another artist by the name of Marilyn Manson, let's me borrow 'Antichrist Superstar' and that totally did it for me. When I first listened to Manson it's like everything in life was clearer (sounds cheesy but true) and I started to constantly search for more Rock and Metal. Nirvana blessed my ears afterwards then Metallica's "Enter Sandman" video played on MTV one night and I was absolutely floored by it, felt like if I'd discovered a totally different world underneath my feet and I fell in love with it. Now I can safely switch from Pink Floyd to System of a Down and get lost in it on the drop of a hat then visit Hip-Hop and end the stay with some Black Sabbath and toss in some Black Dahlia Murder then turn it up to 11.


So thank Jonathan everyone because if it wasn't for his crazy ass I probably wouldn't be posting or talking about all this great music, this beginning opened the doors for rock and metal. Buddy wherever you are if alive or dead... thank you.

Old Wounds Drowns "The Watcher"

[youtube][/youtube]New Jersey Hardcore band Old Wounds recently released a new video from their 'Terror Eyes' 7" (Coming Soon) for "The Watcher" directed by Max Moore. Their album goes thru cycles on growing up with much needed edge and in this video you can see it at play then see that the watcher always ends up getting what IT deserves. Looks like I have another band to look out for...