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Dr. Quandary's WIP: Schala's Song

Here's some work in progress sounds by Dr. Quandary for the follow-up to 'The Dioscuri' with Louis Mackey. Quandary's beats always seem to inhabit their own world and envelops your senses, this is yet another good example of where his sound elevates to and this isn't even finished yet. A haunting melodic guitar by Brian Fink gets the treatment which sounds fantastic over the beat. It's always good when a track or song can take you there or make you see things, that's when you know they are truly crafting something special and that's what I'm getting. A Giant thank you goes out to the doc for sharing.

A Few Monday Thoughts

Hold up, I need to stretch for a sec... Ahhhh ok I'm midly awake and ready to give you random life fandom from a Giant perspective. There's been some craziness going on in this world and seems like there's no stopping it, we all must continue to try our best and not take steps back from our progress as a society. Easier said than done obviously but a mention or two besides acting it out doesn't hurt to see if it makes a difference/impact on this downward spiral we got going on as of late. Besides worldly destruction we have the arts (music, art, performance) which in some form is progressing towards true expression, be it thru hardships or positive frame of mind... which goes a long way sometimes. London burning along with countries firing social media bullets towards their enemies, politicians doing what they know how to do horribly, mind control by way of music and personal opinion at an all time high, needless to say (still said it) these are hard times for peace but never give up. People will still "be about that cash" and whatever grind (mainly Hip-Hop artists) they deem proper to "make it," just remember to stop and live life for a sec and realize how lonely it can be at the top of that throne you so desperately seek. I never get tired of saying this after I realized it myself... As the saying goes "work to live, don't live to work." Nothing is better than being able to detach from work completely and watch the clouds not thinking about some hustle you have to maintain and be only about. Life is much more than a thought or passé, slow down and you'll see that clearly. Experiences and opportunities to live will pass you by if your'e too busy racing to be ahead of a materialistic coated kingdom. Just sayin.

I've slowed down on what is posted here due to life clarity (mentioned above) and preserving the quality of content provided for you all, it's important to provide something that is worth all of our time and what fits into the WGM world. No this is not a blog where there are a million posts posted daily, it just isn't that type of site and I take pride in that. Follow if you feel and living it, there's always room for more Giants.

Real life is not a window with a red X... live it.

Maná "Drama Y Luz" Tour Hits Newark's Prudential Center

This past Saturday I went to one of the best concerts I've ever been to, Maná finally hit my neck of the woods for their 'Drama y Luz' tour and it was a wonderful experience along with an explosive audience. The atmosphere in the Prudential Center was full of peace and music, Maná as usual had a great setup and the audio sounded fantastic. Before I delve into the concert I wanted to point out the opening act that they had, it was a Dominican artist by the name of Vicente Garcia and he had a great set which was perfect for the opening of the concert. He's been out for a few but I've never heard a full song of his until now and was taken aback by the sounds, it was a great fusion of Rock, Reggae, and had a touch of Bachata sometimes. Having the maestro Juan Luis Guerra by his side to help along the recording process is also a major plus in my book, so I will be talking about Vicente in the near future as I learn more about his music.

Now this concert was one of those that when finished, it made you proud to know your people (Latinos) are willing to spread true messages of peace, equality, love and environment awareness that most of us don't really think about. It was something special where you saw people from different countries together singing and the power in unity was insane, you saw flags from all over in the audience and in the 'Latinoamerica' performance asking equality for all. They are huge supporters on any matters that help care for nature as it was highly evident in the topics touched and videos played on screen and songs. Maná truly is one of those bands that believes in love songs that some of us shrug off and stop talking/singing about, it's great to see such a huge band keeping that message alive. All of which happened that night is what music is about in my eyes and ears... I also took some photos that night, check them out below!

WGM x China 3Peat

Oh yes there are more photos after the jump from our China trip folks, this time it might be the last set (unless I uncover some worthy ones) and will be parts of Suzhou and Shanghai. In Suzhou we had a chance to take a great boat ride down the canal and see how the people live while waving to all the smiling faces and little kids cheerfully welcoming out boat as we pass. It wasn't the best conditions for them but nonetheless they were there yelling "hello!" or giving us the peace sign, it shows the true testament of the value on tourism and humanity when you go somewhere and no matter what they welcome you with open arms. Now Shanghai was fun and it was amazingly close to New York at night, I loved it especially after that boat ride at night... Wow was it beautiful with 'All of the Lights' illuminating faces and the water as it swayed from left to right.

Funny story about that Shanghai boat ride... while our group coordinator was rounding up all of us we had to wait in a place where the locals also bought their tickets and boy did I see those flashes going off haha. At the same time that we were experiencing something most of us never seen, so were the locals and it was our group that had different shades and colors of people. I don't remember how many babies I held and pictures were taken of us. I posed with as many as 10 people for ONE shot, it was awesome and everyone was super nice about it too. I didn't even have time to return the favor of taking their photos, it was such a people photo frenzy and right when I was about it we had to go!

In Suzhou there were a good amount of shots that happened at the right time, from people waving, doing their dailys, even a bride at an outside photo shoot that we happened to pass by. There are more miscellaneous shots but they will continue on my Tumblr so I don't over drown you all with shots here hehe. China will be missed as we had a great time and got to experience yet another country on the travel bug map. Where will the bug sweep us next? We don't know but wherever it is... we will be ready and bags packed with passports in hand.

RepDom My Shalom

As with all of our travels I always have more than one post with photos. Already I miss the street vendor yelling to sell vegetables on the block, the coffee that tastes better when it's accompanied by family and the sweet breeze of DR. Relaxed and weather pleasing as ever, I have never experienced a cooler December in my entire life. It would be 11PM and we were chillin eating outside at Rico Hot Dogs with t-shirts on ahhhhh, try to do that here and you catch death! Our cousins who took us anywhere they could were as usual fantastic, we love you guys a ton!

Here are some random pieces of things I saw DR, Enjoy.