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Venomous x Trilian: Sounds of the Great Ones 2

Venomous has been an emcee that I've always admired since I've met him and heard his music, a highly talented emcee from Jersey that's educated, lyrically powerful and whoever he makes music with, I fully trust I'll hear an amazing finished product. He's teamed up with Trilian again for Sounds of the Great Ones 2 and the track featured below is "I Ain't Particular ft. DJ TMB" a hard hitting beat with those good vibes that we all love, hear it below!
To complete this project they are trying to get the vinyl pressed via Diggers Factory a la Kickstarter style and their goal is near, they are over 70% (100 vinyl minimum) and have 22 days left to meet it! Support a positive, amazing emcee and giant fam along with knowing you continued to help someones dream be realized. See below for more information on the album, it's expected release date is June 26, 2018 and the amazing folks they got featured in it. 
Support fam and let's get this album pressed so we get to hold another great piece of Hip-Hop art.
Album Support Page

"We are excited to announce that the new album, ‘Sounds of the Great Ones 2’, will be released on June 26, 2018. The album is a collaboration between Venomous2000 and Trilian, a follow up of their 2017 release, Sounds of the Great Ones. Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Diggers Factory has posted the first song from the album, a raw, high impact, boom bap anthem featuring DJ TMB,  ‘I Ain't Particular’, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy it and thank you for your continued support!

On another note, Sounds of the Great Ones 2 is currently in the first stage of its campaign for a limited edition vinyl run.  100 minimum copies are required for the album to reach production! We're asking all supporters of vinyl to pick up a pre-order NOW!  The more pre-orders that are put in within the next 30 days, the sooner the vinyl can be delivered! You do not want to miss out on this exclusive RED EDITION VINYL RELEASE!  If you were able to experience the first project, trust and believe, part 2 is guaranteed to deliver just the same! Pre-order your copy of Sounds of the Great Ones 2 now on Diggers Factory.

The album feature appearances by Phonetic, R.A.P., Shinobi (One Blood Universal), Sticman (Dead Prez), Ned Schimmelfinney, Masai Bey, Fes Taylor, ID4Windz (Scienz of Life), King RA, Supreme Sol, Skrewtape, Recognize Ali, Godilla, Napoleon Da Legend, and DJ TMB. All production by Trilian!"

Black Scale x KR∆K! in The Monad March Mixtape

KSometimes it doesn't matter why the music came to be because it just sounds that good. Jersey producer KR∆K! has teamed up with clothing label Black Scale for a trilogy of tapes and the first unit is 'The Monad' a cohesive 4 part movement tape that will have you wondering why you haven't heard of this cat before if you haven't. Sure lyrics are important in music but when the beats are like this then let's keep those vocals outta here. KR∆K! is also part of the amazing Jersey group He Who Shines Truly, another one of my favorites that I love to zone out with. The dude is mega talented and can only wish him the highest reach to cling on the stars... oh yeah MORE (HWST too) music please.

Tracklisting: 1st Movement Darkest Night Brightest Light Open Heart Surgery Interlude I

2nd Movement Gargoyle Theme Music Mars In Scorpio Interlude II

3rd Movement Boundless Energy Sun Storm Rock Brooklanta Interlude III

4th Movement #143 Perfection Marvelous Outro

Make You Happy ft. Sushi Fresh by DK & Trin.

I know it's March and all but I think the good vibes of the summer jams is starting to peak thru already. A nice blend of soul by Sushi Fresh with DK and Trin. doing their thing, it pours out beautifully and makes you wish for warmer days where a tee is good enough. I had to give something to the dope track so I made the cover, it's the least I could do for good music! Let's start submitting more tracks like this folks cause it's COLD outside. Show some support for the homies.

Donate Now to Hurricane Sandy Victims

All images from the NBC News PhotoBlog east coast has been battered and thrashed around like a rag doll by hurricane Sandy, it has left many lives in ruins along with millions (billions) of dollars in damage and lives lost. My house and family wasn't affected greatly thank God but there are some appalling accounts of people lives in absolute ruin and many today without power and gas. It's heartbreaking to see our fellow man go thru tough times and this is one hell of a test for us all, some people have lost their entire house and possessions with memories and photos that can't ever get replaced. If there is any way you can donate ANYTHING at all to the affected, please do so and let us hope for a brighter day tomorrow where we can all start rebuilding with what we can.

Our heart goes out to those in the dark and cold temperatures, the brothers and sisters by us if you need anything and we are around please let us know. The easiest and fastest way to donate from our experience is thru the iTunes store, they already have your information and it's as simple as clicking the amount and entering your password.

Please donate to the American Red Cross by using the following methods:

*Note: all (100%) of the proceeds donated in the Apple Store go directly to the Red Cross.

1-800-HELP-NOW or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Josh Craig Experience Live

Last Friday I got a special invite from the homie Josh Craig to check out a live studio performance of his band The Josh Craig Experience, it was a much-needed listen and could only wish there were more of these performances going around. After finding the studio and thinking if people get murdered (it was dark as hell) by those nearby woods, I took a sit in the dimly lit space and awaited the sounds. After a while the small group of invitees was gathered round the band with drinks n' smokes which made the atmosphere very chill, the band started playing (fantastic) and every one vibed out. The WorxLife homies were there in full effect as well, it was nice to see the local support all around. On to the sounds... man these guys played great. The horns blared, guitars awesome strang and Josh did his thing, it was great and must say the energy he brings to the band is excellent. It was a mix of Jazz, Hip-Hop and funk, how could they go wrong?! Well they didn't. The solos were clap n' yell worthy and drums were on point, it was as if the band had been together for many many years... it felt that comfortable and good. It was short lived due to me having to step out once it started really poppin off, but every single minute of the music was a welcomed neighbor to my ears.