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Here Lies Man "Taking The Blame"

Incoming! New single from Here Lies Man upcoming album You Will Know Nothing continues the fuzzy riffin' Sabbath sounds as they take the blame. Loving the track and can't wait for the album, they're asking what if Black Sabbath made Afro-Beat with their music so I'm here for it. To hear their previous drops from the same album, check out That Much Closer to Nothing and Fighting. Their new album is set to be released on June 15th via RidingEasy Records and will also play Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain tomorrow (May 31st)!

I need to check out The Death Wheelers...

Re/Inter-view: Pink Frost Returns with New Minds

Labels... who needs em? People get too wrapped up in wanting to label the sound a band creates and I'd rather not. Especially when you have a band like Pink Frost ripping and roaring in your ear as Adam Lukas' vocals permeate throughout the album, creating a rugged yet cleaner and focused sound after a 4 year break. New Minds is a energetic, heavy yet dark album that keeps you going the entire damn time. It keep pushing in your ear till you just let it take over and the guitar beats you senseless as the vocals wrap around your head, let it. I came across their Sundowning album this year for the first time and was fully enjoying Ruins, Orange Sky Suicide and Dead Cities to name a few, so New Minds came to me at the perfect time.

Now having completed a few listens of New Minds, I can safely say that I do enjoy their harder hitting songs which is most this album and Bare Roots hits that spot in my Black Sabbath heart that I cannot ignore. It has that great droning and wailing guitar slow-down that makes you want to just take a break from whatever you're doing and space out for a few. You can feel the wind hitting you in Circles as the drums create this aural stomp while the melodic space of HeadlightsMirror Maze and We No Time settle you down from that high to end it on a slower note. I love bands like this where it takes you to another dimension and is about the music, not some gimmick or fad but exploration in sound.

New Minds is out now on iTunes, Spotify and on Bandcamp(Digital/CD/Vinyl). You can have a listen below and purchase it in your preferred format directly from their Bandcamp.

Now that we got to share what the new album feels like,
let's talk to vocalist/guitarist Adam Lukas of
Pink Frost!

Welcome back boys and thanks for releasing yet another album that continues to explore sound! It's truly great and I'm sure it'll also be a great gift to existing fans as well as all the new fans you'll gain in your journey.

Aside from the 4 year break and its reason, what learnings resonated with band after the release of Sundowning (2013) and remaster of Gargoyle Days (2015) that may have impacted New Minds? 
A lot has happened since Sundowning, but there is no real reason for the delay. 
We actually recorded the basic tracks for New Minds quite a while back, so we had the chance to live with the tunes for a while and really experiment with things. Adding a harmony here or a fuzzed out guitar there. Searching for days for the perfect reverb. Having a bit of detachment from the original sessions really helped us look at the songs dispassionately and focus on the dynamics of each song without the prejudice of performance or ego getting the way. In some ways it was like working with a different band. There were no deadlines set, so we could let the songs evolve and grow until they felt fully realized.

Time is best when creating so that's great you guys were able to sit with the tracks for a bit! Sometimes you just need to step back. When writing and rehearsing new songs, do you guys have anything in particular that gets you "in the zone" when in the creative state?
All the drugs mostly and maybe some practice.

HAHA! Gotta get there somehow eh? As I listened to New Minds at the end of the day, it served as a soundtrack of sort. Is there a certain feel that you guys were going for in this album?
Not consciously, but there is a certain underlying cohesion that seems to bind the tunes together. They all relate to and inform each other. It’s probably the thing I’m most proud of with the LP. We explore a lot of moods throughout the record, but it all feels like part of the same whole. A proper album, in an old school way, that makes sense from beginning to end. While sequencing the track order for the LP, it became obvious that there was only one way things could go. Every time we tried to switch up the song order something felt off and we put it back in its proper place. Each song serving a purpose in the puzzle.

Completely agree with the beginning to end feel! Glad to see music cohesion exists and not just tracks that go together. What's going on now that New Minds is finally out in the wild?
Trying to figure it all out at the moment. Hoping to tour and perform as much as possible.

What's up with the piñata?
That’s Alex’s girlfriend. Isn’t she lovely?

Sure is, I'd hit that haha. Now a VERY important question for ya, It's 3AM in Chicago, you're hungry and you have 6 bucks in your pocket... what's the best place to eat?
The Tamale Guy will actually come to you at the bar you’re at because it’s 3AM and he will kindly take your last $6 and even though you won’t be able to afford that taxi you were planning to take home, and can’t Uber because you dropped and shattered your phone after doing too many shots, you will still be happy. Solid late night eats.

Well damn that's actually a great thing, I'm sure he has a good amount of business and if I'm ever in Chicago I'll look him up. You can only pick one... Super Mario Brothers Super Show, Ren & Stimpy Show or Invader ZIM?
Ren and Stimpy

Good pick, I like to at least sneak in one 'toon question haha. Thanks for giving us your time and shedding some light into the Pink Frost world. Anything you wanna leave us with?
Peace and love, peace and love. And unbridled anxiety.

At work now so halfway to unbridled, haha.
Thanks again to Adam Lukas for answering and entertaining, hear ya on the next one or on stage!

El Mató A Un Policia Motorizado - El Tesoro

It's been a while since I've posted anything from El Mató A Un Policia Motorizado (Argentina) but they are back! Their new album titled La Síntesis O’Konor on Nacional Records (June 23rd) is coming up and lucky for anyone with ears, I'm fortunate to be premiering 'El Tesoro' which is a new track off their upcoming album. Listen below and escape into the melodic guitars and lose yourself in what might be your favorite new song to leave on repeat. It's such a clean yet fuzzy sound that just makes you crank up the volume and lose yourself in between the guitars and bass as Santiago's voice carries you around the music-scape.
No estoy seguro de cuántas veces he repetido esta canción, jaja... que canción muchachones! Also peep out their spacey album art after the video and let them know what you think on Twitter!

3rd Day of a Seven Day Binge Question

Third Day of a Seven Day Binge by Marilyn Manson is kind of odd. I want to like it but not sure I can fully like his latest track. It's a weird mix of pop, rock and Manson's signature growl with reminders of Holywood but slightly fails to reach that absolute YES factor.

I still like his older stuff but not sure if I've grown with the Satans druggie-less image/sound, when the Antichrist Superstar left the building something died with it. Sure Mechanical Animals (glittery) had some charm, Holywood left a mark on me but I'm not sure where his music is heading nowadays since The Golden Age of Grotesque. I used to preach the word of MM and still defend him against those that think he's just a maniac spewing controversial words, I have a soft spot for M. Manson but the interested in the new stuff sort of died down a while ago. I wonder if an artist can reach the limit of re-invention within their own music? I say revert...

Sleepmakeswaves Melodic Audio Maps

Melodic rock can be a tricky devil for the most part, my personal listening opinion has usually ended up thinking it was too soft, too power ballad-y or “why don’t they have lyrics to this?” on what I’ve heard before. With the recent ear-love affair in listening to Russian Circles, I have a new appreciation for instrumental rock but I’m not quite on board… across the board. After giving the Sydney based group Sleepmakeswaves a listen I can say the previous sentiments I had on instrumental rock were put to rest but a few remain. There're great songs on this album like Perfect Detonator and Great Northern that don’t leave me hanging in anticipation for the audio punch to make contact but there’s the somber (it’s gonna get slow guitar) “braaaaaang” on Trace in Constellations that brought me down from the high. The Stars Are Stigmata was a track that I was able to easily escape away with and fully dig amongst a good deal of the other songs, it gave you a sense of adventure and discovery while a scene plays out in your head, it was great. The album has guitars that sing beautifully while soaring out of your speakers but it's best heard in the personal space of your headphones to fully enjoy the experience.

Don’t hesitate to let go because once you do, it’s a great ride that’ll have you laid out and Sleepmakeswaves ends it perfectly, yes… my time WILL come again. Listen to Something Like Avalanches below to get an idea on what they sound like, if interested in purchasing the album click over to their Bandcamp page.