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It's Comic Con Time!

It's that time again to get totally engulfed in comic, movies, and total uber-geekery folks! We will be attending NY Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday (family day so you might meet Lil Giant!), hope to see some of you Giants there! WGM along with theonecam, Venomous, Argonauts Resins and a few of the other homies will be in attendance as well.

Martyn's 'Ghost People' Welcomes Me Back

Fresh off the Brainfeeder(Flying Lotus' baby) records label Martyn has released his second album "Ghost People" today and touches base on his lengthy travels on the road, sci-fi supersonics and the dislike of "trendy" or bandwagoning folks which we all love. The first thing that I have to say about this album is that I am happy to report that there are NO long winded intros or build-ups that get you to the point of yanking your hair out while waiting for the beat to drop, that's one thing I can't stand and am always thankful for those artists that don't try to sell me a beat or song with a cheesy build-up. There's a reason why I haven't reviewed much electronic/dub/jungle/house music here, I feel that it hasn't fully evolved to the point where I can take it serious again but "Ghost People" is a special exception. While Martyn brings new beats and his recent experiences to the table in this album, it also reminded me of those days in the early 90's where I got excited about tracks that took me to colored laser filled rooms and bass so loud you feel your throat is about to pop out but loving it. Most of the album has the feeling of a night gone right full of euphoric dance rituals and just plain ol fun, nothing that is too flashy or becomes insanely cheesy with all this fluff about Utopian worlds or something out of a Hunter S. Thompson ecstasy induced nightmare. "...where people want to share and play the music they really love, regardless of if it's trendy. Nothing fancy or flashy. Just back to the roots”  -Martyn This album has many sounds that make it come alive ranging from jungle, two-step, house and electronica, it's a well rounded 11 track package that consistently melts into one another as a crisp air dance filled night would. One thing that I couldn't get into too much was the intro "Love and Machines" track spoken by Spaceape, it wasn't horrible but I could probably do without it because personally I can't get with intros that feel like a set-up to a Lawnmower Man trailer. Besides that specific instance everything else shines beautifully and gives you a perfect sense of what Martyn was trying to convey with his sophomore offering. With songs like "Masks", "Ghost People" and "Popgun" I feel like they bring the old into new with familiar sounds and the focus on good music rather than trends or some feature that wouldn't make sense. My top favorites are "Viper", "Horror Vacui" and "We Are You in the Future," these songs are those that either start things poppin or keep the party going and that is exactly what I was anticipating from this album since Martyn has a knack for meshing genres that deal with electronic sounds. It keeps it's focus on good beats, having fun and leaves all that extra crap behind, it's all about the music and not the scene which is rare nowadays so props to the dude for staying true. [vimeo][/vimeo] Worth the purchase? Definitely... and it's a refreshing change from the stuff that's out there, the work and focus should be on the music which was showcased fantasticly in "Ghost People" so with ease purchase it and turn "Horror Vacui" up to 10 for me. If you want a listen, check out the stream below the purchase link and be sure to peep the "Viper" video as well.

Purchase: iTunes, Ninja Tunes

Martyn - 'Ghost People' LP Exclusive Stream by Mixmag

Supreme x Playboy = Umm Ok

So everybody's favorite(?) designer street wear brand has come together with Hef and his Playboy brand for a few items. There is something still cool about the badboy image of wearing Playboy... ok fine that was back in the 80's. Supreme has some stuff coming out doning the rabbit logo but fails to actually create some kind of concept or NEWness and just seem like jackets, keychains and shirts you can find anywhere while paying a premium for... count me out. Not sure what they were planning to accomplish with this drop but it seems abit weak due to them not creating anything new or refreshing with both their brand power. Check out some more Spring/Summer collabo collection below.

*Put's fanboy flame suit on*

Choppin it up with Argonaut Resins

Yesterday part of our Creative Factor section in the American International Toy Fair was Argonaut Resins, I stopped by to talk it up a few with the man behind it all Eric Nocella Diaz. Having over 10 years of experience in the toy industry he's had a good amount of collaborations and has also started his own movement. Eric has worked with many artists big and small and now its Tuttz's time to stand tall, this is his own project that stars a sleek and slender cat named after King Tutankhamen's pet. It has a beautiful shape that lends itself well to any size made, I was asking him about a 4 or 5ft one! He also has the Kings of Atlantis Skulls series as well which there's a random glow in the dark one, they come in a mini crate box with a blind boxed magnet talisman.

We talked for a few about breaking away from other people's work and starting your own projects that you can honestly be proud of. He has created many colorways of the Tuttz series and has sold out of tons of places needless to say it's been going great for him. He also had on display some of his collabo work during recent years which also looked great and made me want to fully get into the resin and vinyl toy scene. Another awesome artist from Jersey doing his thing while collaborating along the way and possessing a great vision of artistic community similar to WGM. Be sure to check out his Argonaut Resins site and booth #4866 at this year's Toy Fair in the Javitz Center NYC (till this Wednesday) along with myself and theOneCam!

Clothing's Puff

Out soon (April 20th) is BAPE's new summer 2009 catalog. I call Nigo the streetwear's Puffy because he is just plain smart about his merchandise (Doesn't mean it's all great, like Puff). At first I was fasinated with the way he works his stuff to be limited and still have the same things over and over ($$$) just in a slight different pattern or color. People eat it up! Why? Not fully sure yet, but It just goes back to limited, I have what you don't, exclusive. I am not saying the designs he puts out are garbage (only some, hehe), but I think it gets more attention because of his marketing skills. More power to ya Nigo! bapesummer09

The cool thing about these 15-20 dollar (Don't remember exact amount) catalogs, is that they always come with some cool mini toy/accesory/bag. Sure does sucker me into buying em once in a while. Check the top right to see what bag this one comes with.