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PremRock Shares His Travels

[youtube][/youtube]What was done this year by PremRock has to be one of the best solo discovery tours that I've seen an indie artist do for himself and his music. Traveling throughout the Eastern hemisphere he passed thru 17 cities and 9 countries during a 60 day solo tour, staying wherever the day (or night) found him and meeting an amazing variety of people along the way. I always have respect for someone that goes this far to see what is really out there and learns something from it all. Enjoy the video and experience. Peace my Giant!

WGM x China 3Peat

Oh yes there are more photos after the jump from our China trip folks, this time it might be the last set (unless I uncover some worthy ones) and will be parts of Suzhou and Shanghai. In Suzhou we had a chance to take a great boat ride down the canal and see how the people live while waving to all the smiling faces and little kids cheerfully welcoming out boat as we pass. It wasn't the best conditions for them but nonetheless they were there yelling "hello!" or giving us the peace sign, it shows the true testament of the value on tourism and humanity when you go somewhere and no matter what they welcome you with open arms. Now Shanghai was fun and it was amazingly close to New York at night, I loved it especially after that boat ride at night... Wow was it beautiful with 'All of the Lights' illuminating faces and the water as it swayed from left to right.

Funny story about that Shanghai boat ride... while our group coordinator was rounding up all of us we had to wait in a place where the locals also bought their tickets and boy did I see those flashes going off haha. At the same time that we were experiencing something most of us never seen, so were the locals and it was our group that had different shades and colors of people. I don't remember how many babies I held and pictures were taken of us. I posed with as many as 10 people for ONE shot, it was awesome and everyone was super nice about it too. I didn't even have time to return the favor of taking their photos, it was such a people photo frenzy and right when I was about it we had to go!

In Suzhou there were a good amount of shots that happened at the right time, from people waving, doing their dailys, even a bride at an outside photo shoot that we happened to pass by. There are more miscellaneous shots but they will continue on my Tumblr so I don't over drown you all with shots here hehe. China will be missed as we had a great time and got to experience yet another country on the travel bug map. Where will the bug sweep us next? We don't know but wherever it is... we will be ready and bags packed with passports in hand.

WGM x China Part Deux

On to part two (about time right!?) of our China trip photos, it took me a bit but they're here! These shots are from Tiananmen Square, inside the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, The Great Wall and a few miscellaneous shots I like to sprinkle in here and there. As with every vacation I like to take shots outside our hotel windows, this time I had no tripod with me but made due. We saw soo many patterns/artwork both organic and man made that I had to show some and included a few here. By the way... The Great Wall was awesome but I ended going up the steepest side by myself and damn near thought I was about to collapse haha.

The day of our visit to The Great Wall Momma Giant wasn't feeling too well so I stayed behind with her as the rest of our group walked up. I ended up walking back to the bus then going the opposite side that our group went, not sure if that was a good idea as it was the harder path. Up the steps I went with my camera in hand and a huge ass bottle of green tea, as I grabbed in to the railing while taking that stairway shot below looking down I felt older and out of shape haha. By the time I got to the top I felt my heart heavily beating in my throat, and the thinness of oxygen wasn't helping at that height. It was only me an some other guy there both looking tired as hell... but we did it! Now as far as going down those misshaped worn out steps, there was a couple below me walking down and the guy stopped every 2-3 min. so needless to say it took me a while to get to the bottom but it was def worth going as the view (mountain shot!) was magnificent.

Tiananmen Square was insane just with the amount of people both local and tourists there at that time, it was super packed and EVERYONE was taking pictures of themselves even the military. After a walk around we headed into The Forbidden City, being that it was a imperial palace it was full of beautiful architecture and I managed (Speedlite) to snag a shot of living quarters once used. Within the Forbidden city we saw the largest stone carving depicting waves, mountains and skies full of clouds and 9 dragons with interlocking lotus flowers on the edges, and the Taihe Dian (The Hall of Supreme Harmony) along with the waterway under the three bridges and gilded lions in front of the Palace of Tranquil Longevity. It's amazing to see structures the are this old and still standing in great condition, also how prized it is amongst all the people there. After that we went on a boat ride to the Summer Palace and walked thru the famous Long Corridor and a stunning Rock Garden, thank Buddha it was a day with great weather because I don't know how we would've walked for soo long.

Stay tuned for more photos from Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou coming soon, for now I hope you enjoy my blabberings and photography! I will be posting some misc. shots on my Tumblr pxl-vision as well so follow me there too.

WGM X China 2011 Part 1

So I have finally gotten around to editing some of my photos from our recent China trip. I will be breaking down each posting by either days or places we visited. Overall we had a great time and learned a few Chinese words (not enough) as we experienced Beijing and Shaghai thru SmarTours which once again did a fantastic job on picking their guides and locals. These shots are from JFK to Beijing Capital International Airport, also my morning view thru the window in our hotel and a few shots from Tiananmen Square and the entrance to the Forbidden City. Was there any culture shock? Not really but we were definitely surprised to see the immense amount of folks at Tiananmen Square as some were also visiting Mao's Tomb. The food was excellent when we were able to communicate what we wanted on the all Chinese menus to the non-English (and Spanish) speaking staff haha. That first night we went to a place across the street from the Penta Hotel they put 4 tables together for us after it was communicated that we were all together and then the fun started... we were ordering. Everything was ordered and the locals were looking at us like we were aliens, it was hilarious but wasn't as crazy as a few days later when I was posing for pictures with little kids and babies. It was awesome to see people trying to fake the funk and just slide next to us and take pictures (Victory sign!) with the tall tourists, also at the same time great because I was taking pictures of them too! I will have more pictures coming up, hope you enjoy the photos after the jump and be sure to come back for the rest.

When The East Is In The House...

The East got my sleeps all screwed up but we had a great time in China, it was amazing to see certain structures and nature withstand the test of time and the evolution of society... also how cheap you can get certain "things." Another airline ticket and currency change piled upon new cultural experiences is what we live for, and we can cross another part of the map off. We traveled to Beijing and Shanghai then for a day to Suzhou and back to Shanghai, many bus trips and a flight in between the hustle and bustle of millions of people sprawled in the country made it all the more interesting. Needless to say (although I'm saying it now) it was an interesting experience and came back with a few thoughts. I will be uploading some pictures and thoughts tomorrow so stay tabbed and stay Giant. For now... I gotta try to get some regulated sleep!