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What geekery am I up to?

Hey giants! Sorry about the down time on the site, work and family stuff can keep you busy for a while hehe. My lil Giants are now 9, 3 and a soon to be 1 yr old, yep almost got my own basketball team but now I need energy, haha. So the geekery never stops in my house and there's been a disturbance in the usual digital world of playing Star Wars Card Trader which is dying off for me (another day) because of Topps' greed, I have two new sites/apps I use that are taking much of the little free time I have. See below for both and if you join, don't forget to add wgmeets! They are Clect and Neonmob, check the goodness below!

First up is Clect, I've been a non-posting member for a while but now that I am in the beta testing stages for their iOS app, I'm all for it and having fun uploading photos of my toy collection.

What’s Clect exactly? A website where you can upload pictures of all your collectibles, figures, toys and toy photography while being able to see others as well. Talk toys, like others collections and shoot the shite. You create packs (sets) and the photos you upload are cards that can go into whatever packs you like. They will also let you buy/sell in the near future which is a major plus for me since I have a few figures looking for good homes. I have sooooo many photos to take... 

Check it out if you can and tell em wgmeets (add me) sent ya!

Secondly is Neonmob which is an online card trading site where you can collect other artists/photographers work, it's been very pleasant so far and some of the art there is pretty dope. Yes I am a digital card collecting addict... no shame haha.

They give out tons of freebie cards daily and when or if you decide to buy coins to open packs, the artists are actually getting some of that, you can also buy prints of their work if you really dig their work also! You can create sets (70% royalty) also which is a part of the service I am currently working on creating a set for. So many art styles and I already collected all cards from an Animal Crossing set, yes there is an Animal Crossing set haha.

The traders are pleasant and the experience has been good so far, don't forget to add me and send me a trade! I like the browser IU, good clean design and the iOS app currently in the works is shaping up to be a great on the go addiction... err addition. Yeah addition.

Random 2'Fer

Not sure what I was thinking or why I didn't post these but these Random albums have been on constant play here while I work, he's one of the few acts that continues to make Videogame Hip-Hop a genre to take seriously. The first one is a tribute to one of my favorite NES games River City Ransom and it does it justice in the best way possible. The second album consists of a bunch of tracks done that probably didn't have a place to call home and again a great collection of tunes to keep your head boppin'. Peace to the ones with D-Pads for hearts. <a href="">River City Random by Random (Mega Ran)</a><a href="">Time and Space, Deluxe Edition by Random (Mega Ran)</a>

It's Comic Con Time Again!

Photo courtesy of WGMeetsIt's that time again my Giants, New York Comic Con (Oct. 11-14) is here! One of our favorite times of the year when we can sit back... err walk amongst our own and not one person there Bat(man) an eyelash to the amazing geekery. WGM will be attending and walking around with OG theOneCam of Woody Meme fame, we will be visiting some of our old and new friends there as well as taking shots around the place. Argonaut Resins (Booth #2479) will be there with his much-loved Tuttz series as well as Kings Of Atlantis and some new pieces. Stopping by Aaron Wood's (Booth #2907) and checking out some of his awesome propaganda art pieces, also Prince of Cats writer and artist Ronald Wimberly (Artists Alley P11). Anything Batman I'm looking forward to so that Batman - Death Comes To Gotham (Sun. 12:15-1:15PM) is a must visit, also theOneCam is ecstatic that Good Smile Company will also be there for the first time ever! Obviously there's more we are excited to see but that list is too long haha.

So if you guys are going to be around the 'Con, drop us a tweet (theOneCam Twitter) or comment below and let's geek the hell out n' build!

WGM: New York Comic Con Part 3

We got some greats popping up on Part 3 of our NY Comic Con figure coverage, Spiderman, Superman, Spawn and The Ghostbusters along with The Flash Gundam and a Giant Ugly Doll. Not sure what's going on with that Flash (I Don't follow it) but it's looking kinda funky there, I kinda like it but that MPH looking emblem is def weird. Superman is doning his 'New 52' costume and I'm digging it some, the cape coming out of the outfit is way better and I don't mind the V-shaped wrists as much as I thought, although he does look slightly more asian (Oh Jim Lee...) than what we are all used to. The Gundam figures are looking sharp as hell and make me want to buy them then stack 'em up in this assembly-looking lineup. Spawn is looking awesome in that figure with his iconic cape craziness, and they got Spiderman chilling as usual while the minis battle Venom and Lizard. A childhood favorite of mines stay relevant somehow in this digital age, The Ghostbusters have what it takes to move from one generation to another as proven with the release of these figures in 2011, oh yeah VIGOOOOO the Carpathian!     

Curbside Jones and "The Cherry Blossom Effect"

Curbside Jones latest release brings the the good bass boomin and exudes asian influence in visuals/sound. This is a journey into parts of Jones life while twisting and morphing into different sounds, the album with have you head nodding after the spoken word intro which also shows another interesting side of Curb. From what I know the dude likes him some video games and geek culture, it's great to hear good music come out of someone surrounded by the good stuff. Usually it comes out sounding forced (Nerd-core) and barely relatable to regular Hip-Hop lovers and gamers alike, maybe it's ok to the WoW folks... no offense haha. I can't honestly pinpoint where I think the album is coming from because it seems as if the songs were placed together and not really part of a bigger overall picture... but that's ok. I do like the random feel to it and don't think the album should be dismissed because said randomness, it definitively has a stylized characteristic to it and further proves that there is more to Hip-Hop than your typical boom bap emcee. I do look forward to any future albums/tracks Jones may release I just wish it made more sense to me regardless of how much I enjoyed it... then again he did say it was going to be confusing so I guess he did right by it. Also putting in work himself into the beat department, he produced more than half of the album which is still impressive to see nowadays. Art doesn't always have to make sense or get total approval from everyone but this album has gained mine. I liked his previous album "Bum Life" more than "The Cherry Blossom Effect" but I can safely recommend this download to all folks with an open ear and mind as Curbside Jones has something good to offer in the end.