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Sharing ImPressiveGrams

OYC_PressgramThere's a new kid on the filtered photo app block by the name of Pressgram, I've been toying around with it for a couple of days and have a few thoughts and ideas on how to utilize this. I want to begin this post with the above image because it's the most important message I got from this app when reading and using it. Pressgram's mission is a good one and the advocacy for owning your photos and not trying to monetize any of your blurry selfies or awesome iPhoneography (currently iPhone only) shots is welcome. Sounds great and grand because I support that mindset but guess what else? You can now posts your photos (watermarked) straight to Wordpress both on self-hosted and while still maintaining the social media aspect of Instagram and none of the Facebook mystery policies. So far I like what I see and can only hope for a higher and more populated ground for the app. 3PeatPressFirst impressions of the app are mostly positive but as all new digital ventures have when launching, it still has a few kinks left to work out especially since many people are switching over and overloading servers and whatnot. The interface is sleek, clean and pleasing to the eye, the sharing is easy and has the usual Twitter/Facebook share. On the Wordpress share option you can add all your blogs and share to whichever blog you're posting to while still maintaining a presence in it's own network, you can even add tags and categories before the image is posted on your site. Interaction is ramping up and I can see this taking off in a very good way. I will continue to work with it and eventually come to a more concrete decision but I wanted to share what I've gotten so far within these two days of use, also wanted to note that the communication is excellent on Twitter. When you download the app be sure to follow WGMeets on there! What does it need? 

- It lags a bit and a smoother experience is absolutely necessary if it wants to populate the network with the average user. - When sharing to Twitter I wish it didn't use the default upload Twitter pic service and use its proprietary network link like Flickr/Instagram/imgur. - A few helpful additions to the Wordpress posts option like body text or scheduling, also some more options for sharing to other networks and social services besides Instagram. - More image filters... because you can't ever have too much unless they're all the same haha.

What is it doing right?

- Image ownership and helping Photographers and regular joe's feel safe that there won't be any selling/using their images for any funny business. - Interface is smooth and it shows they payed more attention to typography instead of just sticking to thick cursives or Arial Bold to make a point. Kudos. - Maintaining a clear message of purpose and transparency to the consumer.

Who's it for?

- The iPhoneographer that's fed up with the whole Facebook/Instagram control - Wordpress users that want to own, share and post their images on their own website. - Anyone that enjoys shooting with their iPhone (I hear Android is coming sometime). - Someone looking for a fresh outlook and user interface with cleaner design within their social media.

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Dédale Puzzler Preview #1

We had opportunity to play and preview the new puzzler Dédale coming out in June (iOS, PC, Mac) by Sergey Mohov, a special little puzzler mixed in with clean graphics and cheerful music. It consists of 100 levels and a Dédale-O-Matic (random puzzle generator) mode with a butterfly attracted to colors, music and tiles. Our experience so far with the game has been aspiring to say the least and I found it to be soothing to play while a good amount of fun, the controls are easy and the puzzles don't stay easy which is a good thing. It reminds me of the DS game Polarium but with a fun laid back vibe and has the potential to become a regularly played game in the Giant house. As you guide your arrow around the puzzle in a point A to point B style the butterfly follows your moves fluttering about, the goal is to mark all the tiles without going backwards unless you have a double move tile.


Puzzlers have been a recently growing genre in the industry thanks to mobile gaming but has had it's rough patches, so this is a good sign that indie developers are taking more chances on the beloved genre and creating something new for us. The music is unexpected and very delightful with accordions playing while you pick levels and when you solve a puzzle "Victoire!", while you touch tiles it plays piano keys and once solved it goes on to play a little jingle. I would classify this game as a great time chaser and fun experiment with gameplay music, it works great on PC and will be soon testing it on Mac and maybe iOS devices. I will make 1 or 2 more posts on this game to just update you guys on the gameplay and mac version as well so stay updated! Overall it has been a fun experience and wouldn't really change much of it besides the semi-generic buttons to select the levels.

Below are a few screenshots of the game and a video for it. Enjoy.



Thoughts On Recollect App

I have been using an app called Recollect by Redaranj to share some of the music that I'm playing here and there and just wanted to share it with you guys and also let you know my thoughts on it. On the surface it's a clean and well organized application to share and "collect" songs that you like/are playing/want to remember, but when it gets down to the actual normal flow of things it starts to stutter a bit. Off the bat you are greeted by an elegant interface that has you sharing your music easily via Recollect which sends them to your Twitter (piggybacks on your account) timeline, after finding the track or selecting what you are currently playing (only native iOS music player works from what I see) you are given a few options to type a message as well before tweeting it. Sometimes the app can be a little slow processing the final tweet and the song preview might not appear if it's a indie artist sometimes but that's expected. A very cool feature is that you can 'collect' a song which then goes into a virtual record crate (top right) that you can peruse, and others can look thru your shared songs in the same manner. Besides those few quirks and me wanting a G+ sharing option I like the app and can see the potential to become a favorite for many, it just needs a few more updates and it should be music sharing heaven.