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Do You Take Tokes?

The above video is an interesting mini-documentary on the potential progress dealing with cryptocurrency Tokes (TKS) in the cannabis industry and the financial hurdles/risks currently happening. The currency serves as a form of payment and merchant gateway for tracking and regulatory reporting. From what they’ve shown and how passionate their community is, I think it’s perfect for dispensaries looking to track inventory, employees, sales and accept crypto in one system. I support the legalization and regulation of cannabis in medical and recreational form and feel this is a huge step towards the right path in furthering the positive effects of the plant.

Tokes runs on the Waves platform.

YouTube's Wave of Monetization Hurt
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.11.51 AM.png

**UPDATE: I recently got a notice on my channel that I am eligible for monetization somehow, I don't have the subs and the hours viewed are slowly climbing towards that 40k needed so this came at a surprise. Either way I still don't change what I said below.**

Recently YouTube sent out emails like the one above to folks (including me) with smaller/young channels letting them know that due to the new policy in their YouTube Partner Program, their channels are no longer available to be monetized unless they meet the new guidelines. You now must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total viewed time within the past 12 months. They talk about safe guarding creator revenue while simultaneously stripping away what made YouTube great, someone with a camera and vision can create content and be able to gain revenue from their creation. We all know how difficult it is to gain that amount of viewership and subs, they just made it a shitload harder for the little guys.

What does that mean? Well... you're going to have to work a lot harder and for free longer than what you thought if you're thinking of making it in YT. This honestly just means that more and more new content creators will leave YouTube (IMO) and will find other ways like Twitch to broadcast their messages and stream their work and games, since now what it seems is that Google cares more about protecting the top tier only. This is upsetting due to knowing the amount of artists that have been making some cash from it, be it their new music video, a skit or their growing vlogs. They are now left to continue buying equipment and paying for things while their main or big portion of revenue gets tugged from beneath them, I personally don't get impacted but I feel for others and it's a tad disheartening.

Yes YouTube has fallen quiet a bit but in no way shape or form has their dominance been diminished due to their parenting and now monetization slap. Yes Jake Paul deserved what he got for that stupid video (or all his videos) and they took him down their top tier ad partner program. Yes there's been tons of hate videos and misguided agendas played on their website but it's free speech and while I condemn all hate and narrow-mindedness, it's not fair if you believe in free speech. Yes they are damaging their service and damaging the relationship that creators have with them. Yes they probably don't care and that's the sad part.

I'm with the creators on this one, they are handling it poorly and I have a feeling the viewing and streaming competition is going to really ramp up now. This is also a great indicator that folks running Patreon, Indiegogo and upcoming cryptocurrency (ex. Tron) opportunities to earn money by self-distributing their work and take away the middle (big)man. Let's make 2018 the year we step away from the controlling hands of our art and prosper.

J Balvin's Mi Gente gets some Willy n' Bé

Already being a fan of J Balvin and seeing how he's constantly elevating the latino artist market with interesting collaborations and visual style, gladly he has no plans to stop this wonderful way of releasing music with this being a recent example. This time he has Mauritian-French DJ/producer Willy William and Beyoncé on his Mi Gente smash hit, this beat stays dope and props to Bé for that Spanish flow. Liking the raw simple style of the video, it seems to mix in Youtube clips, choreographed recordings and karaoke sing-a-long text at the bottom. 
To also know that you can do something small yet good and help recent victims to the natural disasters, Beyoncé is also donating her proceeds of this song to charity. Some interesting collabos J Balvin keeps banging out and this one keeps the bar at a high once again.

Curbside Jones Wolves' Clothing 100% Sheepreme Cotton

Curbside Jones 80 hit combo with the mental floorbreak!
Will the sheep makes the clothes or with the clothes make the sheep... damn.
Curbside comes through with an EP that open the discussion of the sheep and wolf, a tale of adapting to them and rising as you. He touches on death, parenthood effects and what's expected of your masculinity while traveling thru sound bites and conversations with electric and soulful beats that bump, a very real and honest talk with his audience. Short n' sweet Wolves' Clothing makes you think, what if you acted like the wolf to in turn come out and evolve what a wolf is or perhaps redefine what it is to be a wolf? At least that's what I got from it and it sounds great. Props to Curbside for the honesty and the window into his mind. Peep the EP below and the animated video for Been Wolf.

Onyx x D.O.D. won't let you sleep

Well damn... I haven't heard a more threatening collabo than these two groups in a minute, Netherlands D.O.D. and Queens own Onyx. Bringing you to a place of darkness and savage hard hitting beats with great visuals. The videos are fantastically done and fit the mood perfectly, props to Andres Fouché! Shiftee, low down gritty and grimy to the fucking max.
Their album 'Shotgunz In Hell' (iTunesAmazon, Spotify) comes out today May 29 which is perfect to bump in that BBQ ya'll have going on right now, just bring the kids to play inside haha. Peep the other two videos they got for this release and get a fear for your life going, err... I mean a feel for the album.