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Supremacy of the Supposed Knowledgeable

I got a little issue with some folks and their "uplift your own" mentality and providing knowledge only to their own kind/race/type. Not too long ago and currently going on there are many racial confrontations, deaths and fights because people don't want to understand or like folks that are different (ignorance) from them. After all that has happened it still lives on oddly within the same folks that got discriminated against and they don't understand that if you only try to JUST uplift your own... everybody else still views you the same. If you honestly care about providing knowledge or self-empowerment then share it with everyone, and don't create an environment fueled on exclusivity or ignorance of others; therefore repeating history that we don't care to revisit. If you expect to grow only within your comfort zone/kind then you will never experience true growth and all the beautiful experiences along with it.

Let's all grow together. Just my two cents.