Like That Lizard

See that photo above? This was a pesky and resilient lizard I found at a bus stop by Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World, I saw him fall 3 times from that ceiling but he kept climbing up every single time he fell. It's not like he was doing anything specific, I think he was just people watching but his constant focus and unwavering persistence on being up there shed light on what was this past year for many.

This year we saw riots, fallen heroes, downfalls, attacks, hatred and plenty of times the feeling of hopelessness in our current day society, yet days dawn and go on like nothing happened the previous night. Besides these major moments of society outrage and the unstoppable force of nature/time, we also had love, uprising, strength in numbers, hope and inner power shine bright. It was as if Hollywood came to our backyard and decided it was going to start shooting a thriller (no pun intended) and blowing shit up because... well because that's what they do. The amount of sadness that poured thru websites and videos both online and off was overwhelming, people killing others and attacking companies but hurting who they supposedly came out to protect. Luckily most of human nature wants to always be better and strive to overcome inequality and the man made forces of evil, this is where we should become that little lizard on the ceiling.

Regardless of what happens in life you have to continue to improve yourself for the benefit of your family, friends and society, if your inner self isn't better then what makes you think you can help anyone else if you go on ignoring self? Well, you can't. I see so many people ignore how they think and feel on the inside and put on a show, try to help others but end up the same person afterwards, things like this you can clearly see played out in the "always on" days we live in. The popular emotion of hating or resenting others anyone can do and as we all see has been done plenty as of late, it takes a different type of person to call a stop to that inner reaction and support peace, love and difference.

Sure we all have moments of rage or anger that might overcome our general ideals but if we ultimately recognize it and decide to do something about it then we've taken the first step. Don't let outside issues prohibit from your inner self growing and opening your mind to what's possible, embrace change and evolve or adapt because it will make you a better person because of it. How to deal with hatred? By all means speak up but remember the saying that the change begins with you and see how you conduct yourself once that initial thought was sparked.

I've had a major shift and focus towards family for a while and haven't been posting much but do appreciate all the people that continue to support the music and positive messages that are posted here, this has always helped who I become and aspire to be and do. Let's defy hesitant negative thoughts and hinderance which stops growth and be like that little reptile in the ceiling. Stay strong, smart and never think you have to give up due to your current situation. Continue to fight and show the opposition that they are wasting their time and breath trying to stop you.

Never forget to DREAM, never.



Randy Ortiz