Metroid: The Sky Calls

What Rainfall Films has created is what Nintendo should be looking towards or creating something of the like. It's what all us fans keep screaming and yelling about and some folks are listening, the right group listened this time around and it's one of the best I've seen. They worked with director Sam Balcomb and along with the talent of Jessica Chobot and America Young made it come alive. What will unfold before your eyes is a thing of beauty and wonder, playing into the exploration and isolation aspect of space movies like Alien and 2001 Space Odyssey that fit perfectly in the Metroid universe. Enjoy the short of 11+ minutes because it will leave you wanting more. 

You guys are seriously making me look into creating a videogame themed project with this, all the good elements came together and played beautifully. Looking forward to Rainfalls next project! 

Randy Ortiz