Mystery Caves 'Ausarian Comforts' Coats Ears

Ever poured out a nice cool glass of sharp squared liquified matter, it spills everywhere then it coats everything in a thick organic layer? Of course not but this is what Ausarian Comforts is like, difficult to explain but while listening to it you might understand due to it's sound and beautiful composition in each track. It feels like a constant higher meditative state with little details in the sound that add sharpness to the album overall. This is Mystery Caves first full length album under Alpha Pup's in-house imprint Psychic Fortitude. A great kick off to what's sure to be a success in sound. My favorite track is Ancestral Ascension, it seems to encompass the overall theme of the entire album pretty well within that track and it sounds great.

The album is now available on iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep and Amazon, if interested in buying vinyl then hit up their shop. Listen below for track 'Ancestral Ascension' for a taste of what the album is like.