Rock of Ages 2: A Great Journey into Smash Bouldering and History'ing


Rock of Ages 2 is the funniest and most entertaining Tower Defense type of game that I've had the pleasure of playing. It has the look of the walls in The Louvre, craziness of Monty Python with South Park animation and reminded me of Marble Madness... yeah sounds nuts right? Well it is but in a good way.
It has a hilarious art, history and even some greek mythology showing while having you roll and turn down hills, bridges and structures and on your way to deal the most damage to your opponents castle. While you place items and animals (yes) along your enemies path to damage their boulder, your boulder is also being chipped at and created. Needless to say it sometimes comes down to placing items down as fast as you can and rolling down before you hear that horn blare out, indicating your opponent starting their turn. For the most part this game manages to get many things right with the exception of a few snags that didn't hinder my gameplay nor lessened how much I ended up liking it. Sometimes it would come sooo close that right before my boulder was finished, I was bashing that square buttonto immediately go when it was ready. Fun, that is the key word and that's also what you'll definitely have when you play this.

Now let's talk a bit about the feel and annoyances which aren't many, overall it's a great game to bust out for a laugh or quick match and even a good sit n' play but there were a few things that could've been handled better. The controls while precise and not at fault didn't alleviate the fact that most boulders felt of the same weight regardless of their individual trait. Did it take a way from the game? Not really but I thought I'd mention it in hope to have specific heft placed and not just secrete tar for example to make them behave differently. The other is more of an annoyance and it was not being able to share a screenshot without the pause menu popping up, I kept wanting to show how amazing the sun was portrayed and wanting a photo mode somehow.
Again these concerns do not take away how great this game plays, what Atlus is putting out and ACE Team created is one heck of a game that deserves to be played and seen. The graphics are detailed and impressive, controls do their job and boy do you laugh with this game. It has quite a few modes and online play to keep you busy as well, my oldest (11) and I had a great time playing this game. Those are the important things and well worth your monies in my book, available today in the US on Steam (Windows), XBOX One and PS4 for $14.99.
Want to see it in motion? See the fun below and yes there is a Binding of Isaac boulder, avatars and army banners, that is a free download for those that purchase it up to 4 weeks from launch. I'll still be playing this and sharing thoughts so don't forget to add wgmeets on PSN and Steam!

*Played on PS4 using review code supplied by Atlus USA*